Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE officials have told Nexus members to remain in character while in public. They have been ordered to wear armbands everywhere and are prohibited from posing for photos or signing autographs. With that being said, when approached by fans, most treat them nicely and simply say they're not allowed to sign autographs.

Lance Storm has a TV project in the works. He's working with a production company in Calgary to put together a documentary series involving his wrestling school students. Storm reports, "The show will be called World of Hurt and will focus on an International cast of mostly former SWA students who will take part in a grueling advanced training program with me to try to take their game to the next level... We will be shooting the project from now till the end of the year and it will be airing in early 2011 on a National Canadian Network." has an article about boxing champion James Toney wanting to fight Brock Lesnar after he faces Randy Couture at UFC 118 next month stating, "I'm coming for Brock's b---h ass next." He goes on to note that he wants to be a boxing champion and MMA champion at the same time. For the full article, check out for all the latest UFC news by clicking here.

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