-- A group called "Mothers Opposing McMahon" has been formed to, well, oppose Linda McMahon. The group says Linda has spent $50 million to buy an election, and that $50 million was earned by promoting extremely violent sexually explicit content featuring abusive, degrading treatment of women to children. "She earned her millions putting her workers at risk, and failing to provide health insurance or other disability benefits. The candidate now promising to create jobs laid off 10% of her work force to protect her personal profits," said the group in a statement. The Democratic State Central Committee is behind the group.

-- Ads for Linda McMahon's Senate campaign have started appearing on WWE.com for visitors from Connecticut.

-- An interview with Melina is available at FanHouse.com.

-- A ticket will be needed to see the WWE superstars at Comic-Con next week in San Diego.

-- Game Informer Magazine rated WWE All-Stars as #43 on its E3 Hot 50, which ranked the top 50 games from the convention that got their attention. The blurb notes that the game was developed by NBA Jam veterans and has the cartoony feel of that classic game.

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