-- Chris Jericho posted the following in regards to reports that Downfall was canceledů "FYI-Downfall wasn't pulled or cancelled. Due to a faster paced edited show, we simply ran out of contestants after the fifth show and didn't have enough material for a sixth show. We re gonna film more episodes in the fall. Sorry haters.... "

That is of course if the show does good ratings - hater. :)

-- Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino (a/k/a The Situation) recently encountered former WWE and WCW Champion Bill Goldberg on the red carpet of an event in Las Vegas, Nevada. He apparently tried to upstage the former wrestling superstar, as the following was noted by The Heyman Hustle: "Our Las Vegas photographer reports "Mike Sorrentino, who is on the 16th minute of his 15 minutes of fame as The Situation on MTV's Jersey Shore, was trying to upstage Goldberg on the red carpet at Vanity in Las Vegas. Though Goldberg was playful, you could tell he wasn't going to let The Situation get the better of him."

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