-- Hulk Hogan recently gave an interview with The Province to promote his appearance with Honky Tonk Man's traveling group of wrestling legends sharing old wrestling stories and was asked about a return to the ring. Hogan said that he didn't plan on it. "Hopefully I won't get back in the ring again, because I can't afford any more broken things," he told the paper. Asked about the format of the the wrestling stories show, Hogan said, "We're free-balling it. We're supposed to only tell stories for an hour-and-a-half, but, I got a feeling, this is going to go on for hours. This is our first attempt at it; I don't know whether people are going to dig it."

-- It has been suggested to people traveling from out of town for the TNA Hard Justice PPV that they purchase VIP ticket packages. With the Impact Zone holding around 1,000 people that will be the only way to assure that you will have a seat for the event.

-- Ric Flair recently did an interview where he spoke about TNA. The video has been posted in two parts online; check them out below.

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