During an interview with Jon Waldman of SLAM! Wrestling, revealed her hopefulness for WWE's higher ups to debut a female edition of NXT at some point.

"When they told all of us about the idea of NXT, for the Divas that was our first question will there be women on the show?" Torres said. "[There's] a lot of value that could add because we're always pushing for more with the Divas and bring the Divas to the next level. People don't really get to know as much as the other superstars because of the amount of time you see us on TV. So having something show what it means to be a Diva... I think that's what NXT is about what it means to be a superstar and I think a female version would be awesome because it could help communicate that to the world."

Regarding her development as a wrestler, Torres says that the mixed martial arts' training she received from the famed Gracie family has helped a lot, though not necessarily in the way that would first spring to mind.

"It helped a lot not so much with the actual techniques and moves though they can be applied it's more about learning how bodies move; how to be athletic, awareness of your own body and what we're working with in the ring," she says. "It's really helped me with being athletic and moving well."

Torres also pinpoints the time when she felt she had really made herself known in wrestling; she feels, however, that there's still much to be seen.

"When I started working with Maryse is when I really felt like people can start to see what I stand for and who I am. They've seen other sides the interviewer side and as a manager that was all fun and I enjoyed that, but they didn't get to see who I am. I still believe that the WWE Universe still doesn't truly know who I am and I can't wait for them to really find out. I think there's a lot more to come and more layers that can be revealed and I'm excited to do that."

The full interview can be read at slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling

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