-- Jerry Lawler has licensed his name and likeness to a local businessman for a new deli and retail shop planned for downtown Memphis, Tennessee. They're planning for the store to open between August 1st and 15th. It will be decorated with memorabilia from Lawler's collection and feature sandwiches named after politicians and celebrities. Lawler wants to have one sandwich named The Piledriver.

-- WWE as a company as well as Vince and Linda McMahon personally have until August 11th to officially respond to the recent lawsuit from Martha Hart.

-- Game Informer Magazine has listed WWE's new All-Stars video game as the #43 hottest game of the E3 convention this year. They note that the game was developed by people who worked on the NBA Jam franchise and captures some of the cartoonish elements that NBA Jam did. The magazine notes that WWE legends like Steve Austin and Bret Hart are likely to be in the game but stars signed with TNA - Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, and others - are still up in the air for the game's roster.

-- New promotional material sent out for TNA's ECW-themed August pay-per-view has a new name for the show - Hardcore Justice: One Last Stand. A new commercial for the show features fans chanting "ECW." It will be interesting to see how WWE reacts, if they do at all, to TNA using ECW to promote their product.

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