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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, July 19th, 2010 (USA Network)
Location: The BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma
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"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main eventů"

-Here we go. Pyro and all kicks us off as Lawler and Coleslaw welcome us in. Tonight, there will be no interference, as Wade Barrett faces Mark Henry in singles action, and the Nexus has been banned from ringside.

We're kicking things off big tonight.

Match 1 : Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho vs Edge - Triple Threat match - Winner earns a WWE Championship match at Summerslam

Orton takes it to the heels first. Jericho blindsides Orton though and throws him into the corner. Edge and Jericho are now double teaming The Viper. Orton's fighting back though as he throws Edge to the outside. Edge hangs Orton up on the top rope, and Jericho's back on the attack. Jericho yelling at Edge to attack Orton. Jericho holds Orton as Edge strikes him in the gut. Edge and Jericho go for a double back drop, but Orton drops down with the double DDT. Never thought I'd see that. Orton pins Edge but only get two. Knee drop by Orton. And another. Orton now working down Edge with kicks. Orton wants the RKO. Edge pushes him off and Jericho hits him with a Codebreaker. Pin but Edge breaks it up. Both guys are now going at it as the action spills to the outside. Edge slams Jericho's head into the announce table as we head to commercial.

We're back and Jericho's working down Edge. Jericho gets on the apron but Orton rams him down right into Edge. Orton goes for the hangmans DDT on Jericho. Edge comes up and he goes to hit him with it too. Edge bails out so Orton just hits Jericho with it. Pin but Edge breaks it up. Edge then brings Orton to the outside and throws him into the barricade. Edge covers Jericho but only gets two. Edge now back working down Orton. Edge throws Orton back into the ring and covers, but only gets two. Right hands by Edge. Edge runs off the ropes but Jericho trips him and brings him to the outside, proceeding to throw him into the announce table. Jericho runs back into the ring and boots Orton. Pin but Orton kicks out. Sleerphold locked in by Jericho on Orton. ASK HIM!! Orton fights out, but to no avail. Jericho runs off the ropes but gets taken down with a clothesline. Vintage scoop slam. Pin but only two. Orton wants another hangmans DDT. Edge runs in but gets taken down with a clothesline. Inverted backbreaker. Pin but only two. Orton wants the hangmans DDT on Jericho again. Jericho with a double leg and locks in the Walls. ASK HIM!!! Orton's nowhere near the ropes. He's crawling. Jericho pulls him to the center. Edge runs in and hits Jericho with the Edgecution. Pin but Jericho kicks out just in time. Edge thinking Spear. Jericho counters with a roll up into the Walls of Jericho. ASK HIM!!! Edge manages to get to the ropes. Roll up by Edge, but Jericho just barely kicks out. Edge clotheslines Jericho to the outside. Orton's back in. Edge counters an RKO attempt into the Edgeomatic. Pin but only two. Edge thinking Spear again. Jericho tackles Edge on the spear attempt. Roll up by Orton but Edge rolls up Orton and Jericho breaks up the pin. Triple clothesline take all three out. Jericho backdrops Edge over the top. Orton gets dropped on an RKO attempt. Lionsault misses. Orton wants the RKO, and the crowd's loving it. RKO connects! And one to Edge! Orton pins Edge and it's over.

Winner : Randy Orton (Really good match between these three. Great way to kick off the show)

Orton's now the number one contender and will get his shot at Sheamus at Summerslam.

-Edge is in the ring, and he's demanding that Jericho comes out. He says it's gone on between them for too long. Here comes Jericho. Edge says it's gone on between them for 11 years. How many championships have they cost each other? How many years off their careers have they taken off of each others? It has to end tonight. Jericho grabs a mic. He says for the first time in 11 years they agree on something, because it's going to end tonight. Last week, Jericho had a conversation with Wade Barrett, and he (Barrett) said he's (Jericho) the reason that he's achieved what he (Barrett) has. Jericho could snap his fingers and Nexus would come out here. Edge doesn't understand what he's saying, because he doesn't think Nexus agrees with that. Nexus wouldn't have a problem taking out a guy who has no problem claiming that the success is due to him (Jericho). And here they come. Barrett says they're both veterans and highly respected, and Nexus would be lucky to call either one of them an ally. They've had successful, innovative, hall of fame careers. But Edge, Jericho is right. Nexus wouldn't just take years off his career, they'd end it. They all take it to Edge now. Jericho is directing traffic in the background. Huge spear by Sheffield. Jericho locks Edge in the Walls. YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!! The Nexus stare at Jericho, and he stares back. Barrett says the funny thing is, Edge was also right, because they would really like to shut up the guy who claims to be behind Nexus' success. Jericho attacks Barrett and here we go. The Nexus pulls Jericho off and attack him. Barrett with some huge rights. Barrett asks what Jericho taught him. Another shot by Barrett. Tarver and Sheffield pick up Jericho. The Verdict by Otunga drills Jericho into the mat. They all stand over Jericho. The Nexus walks away, leaving Jericho laid out in the ring while Edge is out on the the outside.

-We get a recap of the events that just occurred. The Nexus is walking in the back. Matthews asks Barrett about whether he can favorably compete with Mark Henry. Barrett asks him if he's quaking in his boots. Barrett says that's what Mark Henry's doing right now. Barrett's about to write a new chapter in WWE, and it doesn't end very well for Mark Henry. It's Sheamus fella. He says he has a proposal of Barrett that he thinks he would like to hear. Barrett tells him to come into his office. Sheamus says he'd rather not.

-John Cena is in the back. Cena says he's not going to complain. He's dissapointed in himself. He didn't shake Barrett's hand because he thought he could stop him. He can't. Nobody can. Jericho and Edge were just decimated. Tonight, Cena would like to meet the Nexus in the ring because he has something to say to them. They made his life miserable. The Nexus say, "You're either Nexus or against us". Cena right now is saying "If you can't beat 'em,..." Cena walks off.

Match 2 : Eve vs Maryse (w/ Ted Dibiase)

Maryse, once again, is lookin' damn fine. Maryse has a ring and gives it to the ref to hold on to. Dibiase is on commentary. Maryse is taunting Eve. She pie faces Maryse, and Maryse is on the attack. Choking in the ropes by Maryse, and she follows with a running knee. Forearms by Maryse. Elbow in the corner by Eve and she hits Maryse with a gamengiri. Pow right in the kisser. Pin but Maryse got her foot on the rope, yet the ref still counted three.

Winner : Eve (Not even the hottness of Maryse could give this more than one Vince head)

Dibiase is in the ring yelling at the ref. Morrison runs out and takes it to Ted. Morrison hits a knee. Starship Pain connects (I use the term "connects" loosely). MNM is def. coming soon!

-Sheamus is headed to the ring as we head to commercial.

We're back, and here comes the WWE Champion, Sheamus. Sheamus says that he has beaten Cena in a Tables match, a Fatal Four Way, and now a Steel Cage. When he beat Cena for the first time, everyone called it a fluke. The second time was luck. But the third time is dominance. But what now for John Cena. He goes to the back of the line and he won't be getting another championship match anytime soon. Sheamus went to the back to Wade Barrett and demanded a truce. He explained to him that one year ago, no one had heard of Sheamus or the Nexus. But like it or not, they are both now the two most powerful entities in the entire WWE. They don't have to like each other, but they'll stay out of their business. Wade Barrett agreed, and the truce is in affect. Nexus interference is the only way Orton can beat him, and now that Orton's gone, he doesn't stand a chance. He's soon going to become the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time. AWESOME!!!!!!

Here comes Mr. Money in the Bank. Miz congratulates Sheamus on getting rid of the Nexus problem, but he now has a Miz problem. Sheamus doesn't control the fate of the WWE Championship, Miz does. And why. Because he poses Money in the Bank. He can cash in anytime he wants for a WWE Championship match. So every time Sheamus is in the ring, Miz will be watching. Say Sheamus beats Orton at Summerslam, but Orton hits him with an RKO. Miz will be right there to cash in. Or maybe he'll be doing a backstage interview, talking like a tough guy fella, and then gets blindsided by Miz. But Miz will wait. For the moment that his entire career has been waiting to. To main event Wrestlemania. Or maybe he just cashes in tonight. Either way, you can call him the celebrity stalker, because Miz will be watching him, because he's The Miz, and he's... nothing. Sheamus says he's the WWE Champion. Cole's got an email. Should the Miz want to cash in MITB tonight, he suggests Miz takes a seat at ringside because Sheamus will be in action right now against this man. Evan Bourne!!!

Bourne's taking his good damn time backstage. Finally, here he comes. It doesn't look like he was ready though cuz he's taping up his wrists right now.

Match 3 : Evan Bourne vs WWE Champion Sheamus

Bourne ducks the Brogue Kick and hits Sheamus with kicks to the leg. Sheamus rolls to the outside and starts flipping out as we head to commercial.

We're back and Sheamus is on the outside. He rams Bourne into the ring before throwing him back in. Kicks by Bourne. Bourne counters a backdrop attempt but runs right into a clothesline. Pin but only two. Bourne gets worked down in the corner by the champ. Sheamus goes to the outside and wraps Bourne around the ringpost. NNNNEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! That's Sheamus' "I'm gonna kill you taunt". Sheamus worked down Bourne with clubbing blows before locking in a vicious looking crossface chickenwing. Bourne fights back with the kicks. Spinning scoop slam by Sheamus. And not the Randy Orton scoop slam. Crossface chickenwing reapplied by Sheamus. Bourne with a big kick to the leg to counter out. And another. Sheamus slaps Bourne. Huge kick to the head of Sheamus kills him. Bourne ducks a shot and hits the Liger kick. Spin kick. Bourne counters the Irish Curse with a roll up. Pin but only two. Bourne ducks another shot and hits the spin kick. Bourne goes up to the top. Miz is ready to get up. Sheamus rolls to the outside, but Bourne takes him out with a crossbody. Miz is standing now. Sheamus pushes Bourne into a camerman as he goes back into the ring. Bourne gets on the apron, and Sheamus nails him. Brogue Kick connects. Pin and it's over.

Winner : Sheamus (Solid stuff here. Nothing ground breaking, but it's what we've come to expect. Not that that's a bad thing)

Miz nails Sheamus with the briefcase. And again. The crowd's loving this. Miz is thinking about it. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Sheamus is fighting it off. He nails it on the briefcase. Holy s--t. HE'S CASHING IN!!!! HERE WE f--kING GO!!!

Match 4 : Miz vs Sheamus - WWE Championship

Miz is ready to pounce. The ref is waiting for Sheamus to get up. Wait, no. Here comes R-Truth. Miz takes the briefcase back and goes to nail Truth, but he ducks and takes it to Miz. Miz boots the arm of Truth and starts taking it to him. Miz runs off. f--k I'm pissed. Sheamus is in the ring, starting to get up.

-Miz is in the back. Matthews says he must be furious. Miz says R-Truth just cost him the WWE Championship. He had Sheamus unconscious. It would have been poetic justice. Make no mistake about it, there will be other opportunities. He has an entire year. So whether it's tomorrow night or July 17, 2012, he will take his rightful place as WWE Champion, because he's the Miz, and he's AWESOME!

-Cole and Lawler bring us back to the 10th edition of Summerslam for the Summerslam Recall, as The Phenom went toe to toe with the Texas Rattlesnake.

-Sheamus is in the back with ice on his head. The Bella's and Gail are laughing to themselves. Sheamus yells at them, asking them if they think it's funny. Orton now shows up. He says it's too bad about what just happened. Sheamus carrying the belt makes him a target. Whether it's Sheamus or Miz, whoever is champion will be wearing a giant bulls eye. He's not going to hit that bulls eye with an arrow, a spear or a bullet. He's going to hit that bulls eye with an R...K...O.

-Cena is in the back as he gets ready to confront the Nexus later tonight. Lawler teases that he'll join the Nexus.

-Cole and Lawler hype Morrison being on the cover of Muscle and Fitness.

Match 4 : Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs Zack Ryder and William Regal

Ryder and Santino start thing off. Ryder works down the arm, locking in a hammderlock. Santino flips over and takes it to Ryder. Handspring attempt but Ryder trips him. I just facepalmed. Here comes Kozlov. Regal locks in a headlock, but Kozlov counters with a firemans carry. Here comes Santino. Regal with a big forearm to Santino. Shoulderblock by Regal connects. Pin but only two. Here comes Ryder. He hits Santino with...uh...something. Pin but only two. Chinlock by Ryder is applied. Ryder with a back heel trip. Missile dropkick misses. Santino pushes Ryder off him and here comes Kozlov. Headbutts by Kozlov and some ridiculous selling follow. Powerslam connects. Regal goes to come in but Kozlov cuts him off. Kozlov counters the Rough Rider with a front slam. Here comes Santino. Headbutt by Santino, and it's over.

Winners : Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov (They tried and failed)

-The Nexus is in the back, as Wade Barrett gets ready to face Mark Henry. And that match is next. Oh joy.

Match 5 : Wade Barrett vs Mark Henry

Remember, the Nexus is banned from ringside for this match. Barrett goes for a right hand, but Henry blocks it and hits a headbutt. Barrett rolls to the outside. Barrett takes his time before getting back in. Tie up, and Barrett hits Henry with a knee to the gut. Heabutts by Barrett, and Henry's no selling. Huge fight hand by Henry. Clothesline by Henry. Pin but only one. Heabutt by Henry. And a headbutt by Barrett. Knees to the gut and kicks to the leg by Barrett. Barrett runs off the ropes but gets hit with a scoop slam. The Randy Orton kind of scoop slam. Henry drags Barrett to the corner and goes to the second rope. The NExus shows up on the ramp and Barrett takes control. No f--king way. Barrett lifts Henry on his f--king shoulder. Wasteland by Barrett just barely, and I mean barely, connects.

Winner : Wade Barrett (Besides Barrett's impressive showing of strength, there really wasn't much to this match)

The Nexus comes down to the ring. Barrett grabs a mic. He says if Cena wants a meeting with them, here they are. We get a replay of Barrett barely hitting Henry with the Wasteland. Nexus' music plays as we see Cena walking in the back. He's going to be coming out after this next commercial break.

It's main event/segment time...

- Back from commercial and Nexus are in the ring waiting. We go to replays again of Barrett defeating Mark Henry. Michael Tarver takes the mic and says they already made one truce tonight but they give Cena their word that they will at least hear him out. Tarver says Cena needs to acknowledge that Nexus runs RAW. And if he doesn't, they will make the rest of his little career hell. Tarver tells Cena to come out and show remorse for attacking their members lately. Tarver says if Cena does that, they might consider ending it. Tarver says this is all on Cena. Cena's music hits and out he comes.

Cena enters the ring and thanks Nexus for meeting him tonight. Cena says he's had two WWE Title matches since Nexus has arrived. They caused him to lose the WWE Title and then stopped him from winning it back. Cena says Sheamus made a truce with Nexus tonight and he should have done the same a long time ago. Cena says he's sorry. Cena says he's looking at them all man-to-man and asking for the same thing. Barrett says their answer is no.

Barrett says he isn't interested in a truce or peace with Cena. He's looking for something much bigger. The crowd starts chanting for Cena. Cena puts his head down. Barrett says he wants Cena to join them. Barrett tries to convince Cena to join. Barrett says Nexus is the present and future of WWE. Barrett says together, they could be unstoppable. Barrett says this really isn't much of a choice... because "you're either Nexus or against us." Barrett tells Cena to join them and make history together. Cena says no, he can't join them. Barrett says now they have a different proposition. Cena can leave the ring with his tail between his legs like the coward that he is, or he can stay in the ring and they will give him the most vicious beating they have ever gave. Cena holds his head low and backs out of the ring and walks up to the stage. Cena says he just wants to say one more thing. Whether he does it himself or if he has help, he will take out each member of Nexus. Cena says his truce tonight was just a Test. Cena says Nexus sealed their fate. Cena says he has got some help now. Cena says he's quietly been forming a team lately. A team that will take down Nexus at SummerSlam. Cena introduces his team and out comes Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, The Great Khali, Chris Jericho and Bret Hart. The RAW stars stand on the ramp and face Nexus, who are in the ring. Bret comes out last to a big pop. The RAW stars rush the ring as Nexus flees from the crowd. RAW goes off the air with Bret's music playing and the RAW stars looking at Nexus run from the ring.

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