The following press release was sent regarding Paul Heyman's latest project:

Breaking News! Jeff Katz and American Original To Announce Ground Breaking New Project with Paul Heyman at ComicCon This Weekend!
Geek Culture Pioneer Jeff Katz To Announce New Gaming and Digital Platform At ComicCon!

American Original and founder Jeff Katz (Producer of Snakes on a Plane, X:MEN Origins: Wolverine, Shoot 'Em Up, Freddy vs Jason, Booster Gold) announced this evening a late addition to the company's presentations at ComicCon this weekend in San Diego, as Katz has completed a deal involving sports entertainment icon and pop culture guru Paul Heyman. Heyman will also be appearing at the Top Cow panel at 1:30 pm Pacific time on Saturday to announce his new digital gaming project with American Original.

"Top Cow always has one of the most anticipated panels at ComicCon," Katz stated, "I'm personally thrilled as all hell because Paul will be up there with our partners at Top Cow including Marc Silvestri, Matt Hawkins and Filip Sablik, as well as Richard Fairgray, creator of the New Zealand hit comic "Blastosaurus."

"I've always hated the standard press statement and BS sound bite associated with hype-driven releases," Heyman (Looking For Larry Productions, former owner of ECW and head writer for WWE Smackdown) said, "I've never been to ComicCon before, and I hear it's absolutely insane. Get in a crowded space with 100,000 fanatical followers of a genre? Sounds like my type of environment!"

"I've been trying to get this together for the longest time," Katz stated, "This is an outside the box project for gaming, and Heyman's innovative approach to digital, ever since he launched The Heyman Hustle ( has established him as one of the true pioneers in the digital space."

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