Jim Ross updated his blog last night with two new entries. Here are some excerpts:

On Ricky Steamboat's condition: Ricky Steamboat is out of the hospital and is convalescing at a relative's home in Florida. Ricky is slated to return to FCW and continue training prospects in a month or so.

On his trip to Tampa for FCW: Enjoyed FCW trip...great facility...most kids have super attitude..looks like WWE has some keepers but overall the raw number or trainees is low.

Thursday's three TV show taping was solid. Dusty Rhodes does a nice job of writing the shows. Byron Saxton and Honest Abe Washington handled the broadcasting.

On FCW talent: Percy Watson is an athletic freak. Funny looking red eye glasses or not, this dude can do it all athletically.

Kaval and Alex Riley had a helluva wrestling match that lasted almost 15 minutes on one of the TV shows. Match could have easily been a hit on Raw, etc.

Looking forward to being a part of the WWE tryout camp at the end of July. I hear over 50 prospects have made their own arrangements to attend.

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