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Jason Hervey is backstage at the iMPACT! tapings alongside Hogan and Bischoff. All three are performing normal duties as noted earlier.

As far as "ECW" performers appearing on iMPACT!, at this time, only the usual performers associated with the angle are backstage. The company plans to continue along with their current angles, while also promoting the Hardcore Justice PPV. The last we heard several former ECW stars were set for tomorrows TV tapings but that is not confirmed.

Rob Van Dam, as previously reported, will wrestle at the Hardcore Justice PPV, but the TNA Title will not be defended in his match with Jerry Lynn.

Scheduled for tonight's TNA iMPACT! taping is a main event featuring Tommy Dreamer vs. Abyss. This will be Dreamer's first official match with TNA, and it is also believed to be the first meeting between Dreamer and Abyss. This will be the main event of Thursday's show.

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