Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JRSBARBQ.com Here are the highlights…

On Last Night's RAW: Enjoyed Raw Monday night by and large. I do know this....if John Cena's team doesn't put their own personal agendas behind them then the Raw 7 has NO chance against The Nexus at Summer Slam. That point was made abundantly clear over the two hour broadcast from San Antonio. No unity=no win for Raw. "No win for you" ala Seinfeld's 'Soup Nazi.' Got it? Good. :)

On His Recent Trip To FCW: It's back to Tampa for me this weekend to observe the FCW try out camp that likely will have over 50 individuals taking part in the process. Now seems to be a timely opportunity to get noticed and perhaps signing with WWE and assigned to FCW which needs more viable athletes and quality numbers in general.

On The UFC's Bruce Buffer: There are so many things about UFC that I enjoy but here's one that my wife still talks about. The emanations of UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer, once described as Howard Finkel in really nice clothes, in his pre-show ritual at ringside has to be seen to be believed. It is highly entertaining and I hope that you get the opportunity to enjoy this 'moment' at a live UFC PPV yourself. Buffer is an excellent ring announcer who adds his own brand of unique sizzle to the presentation.

On John Morrison's Beard: I Tweeted @JRsBBQ that I liked John Morrison's new beard and that I thought it made him look a little more rugged. Morrison is a gifted athlete who has 'something' that physically reminds me of a young HBK. One can only hope that Morrison can begin to approach the success that Shawn Michaels earned but that's some king sized expectations. Nonetheless I think that Morrison can be a major player within WWE once his complete game comes together which simply takes time.

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