Source: PWInsider

-- Murphy and Gunner, the two TNA security guys who wrestled Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson last Thursday night, are NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Mikael Judas and NWA National Champion Phil Shatter.

-- As noted earlier, Balls Mahoney's name has disappeared from the list of people who will be at TNA Hardcore Justice. That said, Taz's name is also gone from the list as he's likely to be calling the show. Mahoney was expected to team with Axl Rotten at the show. We'll keep you posted as we get more.

-- The name "Justin Credible" has been trademarked with regard to professional wrestling by a woman named Christine Villani of Chelsea, MA. PJ Polacho, who has wrestled under the name Justin Credible since 1997, lives in Connecticut. It is expected that he will still be able to use the name should he work the Hardcore Justice PPV, as he has used it before.

-- TNA has created a Jeff Jarrett YouTube channel on which Jarrett will be posting videos from the road. Here's the first of those videos:

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