Jim Ross has a new blog entry up, here are the highlights…

On Being Down In FCW: Enjoyed being around the 63 wrestlers who are trying out in Tampa this weekend and that ends Monday. Had an especially good time w/ Dusty Rhodes and the entire FCW crew who all do a great job teaching the fundamentals of the wrestling biz. It's hard for me to say how many prospects to be offered contracts but my best guess is that it will be in single digits likely between 2-5. As I understand it, WWE officials will award contracts to the most deserving candidates Monday afternoon. I wish them all good luck and hope that those who don't leave w/ a deal stay positive and continue to chase an elusive dream.

On WM 17: Emailer...Yes WM17 in the Houston Astrodome was one of my favorites. Austin vs. Rock w/ Mr. McMahon involvement was money. Great intensity by all. Enjoyed handling the broadcast w/ Paul Heyman.

On His Voice Being Removed From The WWE Opening: Emailer..no issues with me w/ my voice off the WWE signature that opens each show as it's been off for a few weeks now. Who knows, some day it may be added when the signature is once again re-edited. Everyone who has contributed to the WWE's success over the years can't fit into a few seconds. This matter is 'old news' and not 'big news.'

On The Secret Raw GM: Emailer..no I am NOT the secret GM of Raw. Let's put that one to rest.

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