Jim Ross has posted another blog entry, here are the highlights…

On His WWE Status: Another asked when I was returning to WWE. I haven't left...I'm an 18 year, WWE employee...I'm simply not on WWE, weekly TV any longer and for those that ask this question daily, there are NO plans for me to return to WWE, weekly TV. I play the position I'm penciled in and do it to the best of my ability. I am a consultant/adviser for Talent Relations.

On FCW Tryouts: If WWE brought 100 people in to tryout 'maybe' 5-10 would get a more extensive look. Why some fans seemingly believe that this number or % should be higher honestly surprises me. Yes...the WWE/FCW charges a fee for the twice a year tryout camp which is simply good business and dissuades MANY from attending who want or can pay for a fantasy camp experience. These camps are physical and challenging and are not for fans w/ disposable income and who have zero chance in getting a smell of a FWC locker room. Use your money and go to Disney World.

On WWE's Youth Movement: Uh, yes the WWE is making a concerted effort to get younger which will in turn help them prep for the future. Unlike golf, a 'Senior's Tour' won't get in done week in and week out in pro wrestling. Fans have and will always continue to want to see new stars. That fact hasn't changed since I arrived in my first locker room in 1974.

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