Source: TMZ

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, August 2nd, 2010 (USA Network)
Location: The AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas
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"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main eventů"

-We kick things off with a recap of last week.

-Cole and Lawler hype up Randy Orton facing The Miz, plus the world premiere of the highly anticipated trailer for the movie "Legendary", starring John Cena.

-And here comes Edge. He says he's tried, but last week, things became clear that he has to start going with his gut. He can only listen to one person, and that's him. You see, he'll give us a case in point. When he won the Rumble, he listened to the fans. And what happened. They let him down. Just like his Summerslam team is letting him down, they're falling apart before his eyes. He doesn't respect John Cena, doesn't trust Chris Jericho, has no faith in Khali, he barely knows Truth and Morrison. That's why he needs to do things his way. He agrees that Nexus needs to be taken down. He has a proposal. That's why tonight, he challenges Wade
Barrett one on one. He doesn't want anyone sticking their nose in it. And here comes R-Truth.

Edge said he didn't want anyone coming down here. Truth says he was gonna ask him the same question. Do you think challenging Barrett to a match will squash everything? Edge knows it's bigger than that, but he doesn't want to rely on anyone. Truth says he doesn't have to listen to Cena, but he has to listen to him. Edge has been in a ton of matches, but how many times has he ever had to fight for everything. Everything. You, me (Truth), they're fighting for their lifestyle, their friends, family, the WWE Universe. They have to do this together. If not, Nexus wins. It's as simple as that. You know what, you need to stop thinking about yourself, and pull your head out of your rear end. Those fighting words. That's the truth. Edge says that's clever, but Truth's version of the truth. You know how to kill a snake, you chop its head off. He's taking out Barrett tonight. Is Truth getting out of his ring, or is he going to have to Spear him out. Cole's got an email. If this is what Edge wants, then he'll honor his request. R-Truth, please exit the ring, because Edge is going to face Wade Barrett next. Truth wishes Edge luck, and says he's on his own.

Match 1: Edge vs Wade Barrett

Barrett starts things off in control. Edge slides under the boot of Barrett and the corner and trips him. He then hangs Barrett up on the top. Running shoulder block in the corner by Edge. Pin but a quick kick out. Barrett whips Edge off into the ropes and takes him down with a boot. Barrett then boots Edge off the apron, sending him flying into the barricade. Barrett slams Edge headfirst onto the apron. Back in the ring as Barrett knees Edge in the side of the head. Choking in the ropes by Barrett. The ref pulls him off, and Barrett starts choking him again. Pin but only two. Sleeper hold locked in by Wade. Edge fights out, and both guys take each other down with a double clothesline. Edge with right hands. Flying shoulder block follows. Edgecution countered, but Edge ducks a clothesline and hits the Edgeomatic. Pin but only two. Edge goes up to the top. Barrett cuts him off. Wasteland attempt countered into an Edgecution. Edge has the wild look in his eyes. He wants the Spear. Barrett slides to the outside of the ring. Here comes The Nexus, and Edge bails out through the crowd. I guess this one's a no contest.

Winner: No Contest (Solid stuff here, and a feud between these two wouldn't be bad. Edge made Barrett look pretty good here, as Barrett stayed in control for most of the offense)

-Cole hypes up Orton vs Miz.

-Edge is in the back looking for Cena. He finally runs into him. He asks where he was. Edge was out there on his own, where was John Cena. Cena says if no one wants to listen to him, he'll listen to them. Edge said he wanted to be on his own. The only chance they have against Nexus is 7 on 7. Edge says he'll have to do that on his own, because he quits (the team). Jericho is standing next to Cena. Cena says he guesses it's quitting season. Jericho says if anyone on the team needs to quit, it's Cena. Cena's as big of a problem to them as Nexus is. If this team has any chance of winning, it's with Cena gone. If Cena lives and breathes for the company, he'll quit. If he doesn't want to do it on his own, he'll make him do it. Tonight, they'll face off one on one, and the loser leaves the team. Cena says Nexus is laughing at them. They're doing the opposite of what they should be doing. He says fine though.

-Cole and Lawler tell us Bret's in Calgary, training for his match. We get a recap of Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect at Summerslam 1991.

-Khali is in the back with Morrison. Morrison says he doesn't care about last week. He says if the 7 don't work together, the 7 don't stand a chance. Singh said Khali's said that there's also 7 dwarfs. Morrison tells Khali to think about it, and wishes Khali luck in his match against Dibiase. Morrison walks away, and Tarver and Otunga show up. Tarver says they don't attack people they respect. Otunga says if Khali losses, Cena may think of replacing him on his Summerslam team. That doesn't sound like respect. Tarver says if Khali wants to go somewhere where he's appreciated, the door's always open. Singh tells Khali to think about it.

Match 2: Eve, Gail Kim and Natalya vs Jillian, Tamina and WWE Diva's Champion Alicia Fox

Gail and Jillian start things off. Tie up, and Jillian throws Gail across the ring by her hair. Pin but a quick kickout. Sidewalk slam backbreaker by Jillian. Another pin but again Gail kicks out. Alicia gets the tag. Northern lights suplex w/ a bridge by Alicia, but Gail kicks out at two. Gail counters a backdrop with a kick and hits a flapjack. Natalya gets the tag. Clothesline, followed by a snap suplex. Dropkick to the back of the head. Scoop slam follows. Double arm underhook suplex. Awesome. It's madness in the ring. Gail goes to the top and takes out Tamina with a a crossbody on the outside. Jillian throws Gail into the ringpost. Eve takes out Jillian, and Tamina takes her down with a clothesline. Double leg takedown by Natalya. She goes for the Sharpshooter, but Tamina distracts her. Natalya throws her to the outside, but that allows Alicia to hit the Axe Kick (I use the term "hit" very loosely).

Winners: Alicia Fox, Jillian and Tamina (You know what, I've never really known how much of a badass Natalya is until tonight. She can really f--k s--t up. This gets two heads due to the badassery of Natalya. This wasn't really that bad of a match though. They all did their thing and kept the crowd into it. I kind of wish Alicia would learn how to hit her finisher though)

Alicia says they're all witnessing the greatest diva champion in history. Whether it be a singles match, tag team match, battle royal or fatal four, she has beaten all of them. All of them. There isn't a diva on the whole roster that is comparable to her. Because she is the most dominant... Here comes Melina. Alicia can't bail out because the diva's are surrounding the ring. Jilllian throws Alicia back in. Melina bridges out of a clothesline. Awesome three quarter face lock facebuster by Melina. "I'M BACK". DDT/legdrop combo by Melina. She poses to the crowd.

-Cole hypes up Jericho vs Cena, where the loser has to leave the team.

-We see Sheamus walking in the back. He's in action next.

Match 3: WWE Champion Sheamus vs Goldust

Cole reminds us of the Sheamus/Goldust rivalry from last year, and we even get highlights from some of their matches. Continuity for the win. Tie up to start, and Sheamus pushes Goldust into the corner. Slap by Sheamus. Goldust with the right hands. Clothesline, and another by Goldust. Goldust goes for the uppercut, but Sheamus drills him with a knee. Irish Hammer by Sheamus. Irish Curse follows. Brogue Kick connects. Sheamus picks Goldust up. Celtic Cross (I think Cole called it the High Cross) follows.

Winner: Sheamus (I really liked this. This match really showed us how far Sheamus has come since his debut, and it put over how devastating he is. This did a good job of making Sheamus looking like a monster)

Sheamus tells us what a difference a year makes. He reminds us of the war he was in with Goldust last year. Now there's just sheer and utter dominance. Whether you like it or not, he's a two time WWE Champion, standing on top of the world. He didn't need to grab a briefcase, nor did he need to be a 3rd generation superstar like Randy Orton. He got here due to his hard work. The WWE Universe comes here to watch him. And what about Triple H. Their hero, a man Randy Orton couldn't beat, and Sheamus ended his career. The irony is that that's what he's going to do to Orton at Summerslam. The people never give Sheamus the credit he deserves. He doesn't want their respect and doesn't need their credit. What he needs is what he already has. The WWE Championship.

Match 4: Chris Jericho vs John Cena

Tie up to start, and Cena pushes Jericho into the corner. The ref breaks it up, and Jericho pokes the eyes. Jericho with forearms in the corner. Suplex by Jericho connects. Cena with the right hands. Jericho ducks a shoulder block, and Cena flies to the outside. Jericho goes to the outside and whips Cena into the steel steps. Cena gets back into the ring before the count of 10. Jericho with the right hands. He's now choking John in the ropes. He then stands on the back of Cena's neck, forcing his throat down on the rope. Cena starts fighting back. Elbow in the corner by Jericho stops his momentum though. Jericho slingshots Cena throat first into the bottom rope. Sleeper locked in by Jericho. Cole has asked the smartest question of the night, "Why did any of these guys join Team WWE in the first place". Snapmare by Cena to counter out of the sleeper. He avoids Jericho in the corner. Shoulder block, shoulder block and the slam follows. You Can't See Me. Cena runs off the ropes, but Jericho kills him with a Codebreaker. Cena rolls to the outside. Jericho finally is able to roll him back in. Pin, but Cena barely kicks out at two. This match will continue after the commercial break.

We're back, and Jericho is still in control. Drop toe hold by Cena, but Jericho pushes him off of the STF attempt. Double leg by Jericho, but Cena rolls him off of the Walls attempt. Attitude Adjustment coming up, but Jericho holds onto the ropes. Jericho finally escapes. Cena charges, but Jericho low bridges the ropes, sending Cena flying to the outside. Cena gets back onto the apron. Jericho nails him with the springboard dropkick. Jericho goes to the outside and throws Cena headfirst into the announce table. Jericho - "You are a stupid man". Tremendous. Back in the ring as Jericho goes up to the top. Jericho with a diving back elbow. Pin but only two. Cena with a right hand. Both guys are trading shots. Cena stays in control, with shots to the head and gut. Jericho ducks a bulldog attempt and nails a forearm. Lionsault sort of connects. Almost a botched pin attempt too. Pin but only two. Clothesline in the corner by Jericho. He sets Cena up at the top. Jericho wants the superplex. Cena fights Jericho off though. Headbutts, and Jericho falls down. Cena with the diving guillotine leg drop. Cena's clutching his leg. Pin and Jericho barely kicks out in time. Cena lifts jericho up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Jericho rolls through and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Cena rolls through and goes for the STF. Jericho tapped out before Cena could lock it in.

Winner: John Cena (Wait, what exactly was the point of this? They have Jericho dominate 90% of this match, and then have him tap like a b---h before Cena can even lock in the STF. Still, the match was alright, but it was mainly just Jericho dominating)

Jericho looks really frustrated. Cena asks Chris for a minute. These people saw one hell of a match against two of the best in the WWE. Cena doesn't want him to leave the team. He wants Chris to stay, because he is the best in the world and can go toe to toe with the best of them in the ring. But he's not going to beg, the choice is his. He comes back in the ring, they agree to coexist and handle what needs to be handled. Or, he turns around and walks out, and lets everybody down, including himself. Jericho starts walking to the ring, but turns around and leaves. He stops on the stage, but continues to leave.

-God the new WWE Slurpee commercial is stupid. And why are all the Slurpee flavors Root Beer?

-We see Edge in the back, and Jericho walks in. Edge says he doesn't blame him for what Jericho did. Cena needs them, they don't need him. He respects Chris, he doesn't need that. Jericho says since they're being open and honest, he respects Edge for quitting the team. They were doing fine before Cena got them involved with Nexus. Edge says that together, they could own this place. So maybe they should let bygones be bygones. They shake hands and have a man hug. Cole's got an email. After what has transpired tonight, next week Edge and Chris Jericho will face their former Summerslam teammates, John Cena and BRET HART! Additionally, all 7 members of Nexus will stand at ringside as Lumberjacks.

-Josh Matthews is in the back with Randy Orton. Orton says he thinks Sheamus should do his homework if he thinks he's the only one whose taken out Triple H. Orton gave Triple H a 6 week vacation due to a swift kick to the skull. He invites Sheamus to stay at ringside for his match later tonight. After Orton's done with Miz, he'll be in no condition to cash in MITB. But the same thing's in store for Sheamus at Summerslam.

-We get the "EXCLUSIVE" trailer for John Cena's movie, Legendary.

Match 5: The Great Khali (w/ Ranjin Singh) vs Million Dollar Champion Ted Dibiase (w/ Maryse)

And I must once again inform you that Maryse is looking damn fine. Dibiase ducks Khali and slaps his chest, but Khali no sells it. Khali throws Dibiase into the corner and starts stomping a mudhole. Big chop by Khali. Dibiase dropkicks the knee. Front facelock by Dibiase. Khali lifts him up and throws him. Clothesline by Khali. Khali lifts Dibiase to the top. Maryse distracts the ref and Dibiase pokes the eyes. Kicks by Dibiase in the corner. Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield are out here. Dibiase gets distracted. He turns into the overhead chop. Vice Grip by Khali locked in. This one's over.

Winner: The Great Khali (The match was alright. I'm kind of digging this whole Nexus/Khali stuff that's going on though)

-We see Miz walking in the back. He's going to be facing Randy Orton next.

-Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are interviewed. They hype the movie and whatnot. Will says women are attracted to him. Wahlberg says that was just in the movie. The Bella's show up and ask Will if they can get some coffee. Will says they're very average looking. Mark asks Will to hook him up. He says he cried at the Hall of Fame. Will walks off. Mark says he likes Alicia Fox anyways. They push him and go after Will.

Cole - "The Bella's look AWESOMAH!". Tremendous.

-Miz says Randy made a mistake. It wasn't a lapse in judgment, it was a life altering, skull crushing moment in the career of Randy Orton. Because now, he doesn't have a shred of positivity in his future. He will pay for what he did. And at Summerslam, Orton's best case scenario is that he beats Sheamus for the WWE Championship. But then what? Miz's moment. Because he only delayed the inevitable, him becoming WWE Champion. He will be WWE Champion. Because he's the Miz, and HE'S AWESOME!!!

Match 6: United States Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank The Miz vs Randy Orton

Tie up to start, and both guys struggle for control. Miz pushes Orton into the corner. Cheap shot by Miz, and he starts working Orton down. Clothesline by Orton. He grabs Miz's legs and boots him in the gut. Orton boots the head of Miz. Vintage knee drop misses. Miz with a running knee lift. Pin but only two. Miz stomping a mudhole on Orton in the corner. Right hands by Miz. Boot in the corner by Orton. Orton slingshots Miz throat first onto the bottom rope. Orton with the knee drop to follow. Pin but only two. Orton clotheslines Miz over the top. Sheamus shows up on the stage. Orton and Sheamus stare down as we head to commercial.

We're back, and Orton is in control, reigning down clubbing blows in the chest of Miz. Sleeper locked in by Orton. Miz fights out with a jawbreaker. Miz with a huge boot. Elbows by Miz to the chest of Orton. Sheamus is still watching on from the stage. Boot by Miz. Pin but only two. Sleeper locked in. Orton fights out, but to no avail. Orton counters an irish whip with that vintage backbreaker. Orton goes to Miz, but Miz throws Edge face first into the turnbuckle. Miz now choking Orton with his boot. Miz with that vintage clothesline in the corner. Pin but only two. Miz mounts Orton and starts drilling him with rights. Orton with a european uppercut out of nowhere. Right hand by Miz puts Orton down. Cole says he's a big cheerleader for Miz. Orton counters a right with one of his own. Clothesline by Orton, and another. Vintage scoop slam follows. Orton goes for the rope hung DDT, but Miz backdrops him out of the ring. Miz throws Orton back into the ring. Miz with a reverse DDT/backbreaker combo, and follows up immediately with a neckbreaker. Pin but only two. Orton avoids Miz. RKO!!! Pin and it's over.

Winner: Randy Orton (Solid stuff here, and Miz looked like a legitimate main event player. Orton winning here doesn't do any harm to Miz, and helps make him look like a stronger challenger when he faces Sheamus. Fine with me)

Sheamus runs down and Orton's ready for him. Orton and Sheamus stare down as we fade out.

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