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-- Tony "The Hitman" Stetson, who appeared in the early days of ECW, was nominated for a Barrymore Award (which cover the Philadelphia theatre scene) for "Best Choreography and Movement" for the InterAct Theatre Company's production of the wrestling-themed play The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.

-- WWE author Brian Shields (co-writer of the WWE Encyclopedia) did a presentation recently at the Farmingdale Library in Long Island, NY. Shields entered to "Real American" and tore off a Hogan shirt to reveal a normal shirt and tie. He went on to talk about working with Acclaim, working with WWE on the Legends program and a presentation on WWE history. Chris Benoit was excluded from the presentation. The audience was mostly kids, and although they reacted to megastars of the past like Hogan and Ultimate Warrior, they were largely silent for big names of the Attitude Era.

-- Linda Hogan is denying claims that she and her 21-year-old toy boy Charlie Hill are engaged. When asked by her son Nick if wedding bells were imminent, Linda said that she is wearing promise rings but that no specific marriage plans have been made yet. Nick seemed unsure, saying: "But then everyone else I hear it from says it's true. I don't know. My mom could be trying to get one over."

-- Here's the latest edition of TNA Today, with RVD, Tommy Dreamer and more:

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