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-- The pre-sale code for the WWE SmackDown! house show on December 4th in Las Vegas at the Orleans Arena is WARRIOR. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

-- The July 16th edition of WWE SmackDown! scored a 1.8 rating, with 3,023,000 viewers.

-- The July 29th edition of WWE Superstars scored a 0.74 rating, with 783,000 viewers.

-- The replay of Superstars later that night scored a 0.3 rating, with 289,000 viewers.

-- The July 31st edition of WWE AM Raw scored a 0.58 rating, with 579,000 viewers.

-- Mikey Whipwreck did have his MRI yesterday, and is now at home resting. Whipwreck's MRI results should be back on Thursday, and at that time, doctors will decide how to go forward. Whipwreck has been having extreme pain in his neck and numbness in his arms, and at this point, nothing is dulling the pain.

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