Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JRSBARBQ.com Here are the highlights…

On Steve Austin In The Expendables: Steve Austin called me yesterday and he's been hitting the promotional trail hard working on 'The Expendables' which has its Hollywood premier tonight and opens in theaters August 13 which is Summer Slam weekend. Steve just finished yet another movie in Vancouver and is weighing several options on other films that are being pitched to him. Steve is such a devout wrestling fan that I honestly feel like that if he wasn't' loaded with projects and commitments that he would love to attend the NWA Legends Fanfest in Charlotte if only as a fan. You can follow Steve on Twitter @steveaustinBSR.

On Sting In The WWE Hall Of Fame: Sting, as the alleged rumors have it, goes into the WWE HOF in Atlanta in 2011, I will be totally shocked but pleased that Stinger got the nod. As long as Sting works for another wrestling company the odds of him being inducted in WWE's HOF are slim to none. Plus, I'm not sure how important the accolade is to Sting. There won't be any shortage of great inductees for Atlanta in 2011 I assure you.

On The NWA Legends Fanfest: I look forward to heading to Charlotte this Thursday and meeting the fans Thursday night from 9-10 p.m. at the informal BBQ that promoter Greg Price has organized. Greg has purchased several cases of signed bottles of our products that he will be selling at the NWA Legends Fanfest this Thursday-Sunday. I will not have sauces with me personally nor will I be working any vendor tables. I will be signing Friday with such notables as my old, broadcast partner Bob Caudle and the greatest wrestler alive today, Danny Hodge.

On The WWE All Stars Video Game: I have about 1,000 lines to go to complete my work on the WWE All Star video game which will be rolled out in early 2011 prior to Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta. It will feature some amazing legends and many of today's top stars in a format where some of the most spectacular dream match scenarios ever can be presented. It also puts the King and me back together in the announce booth which I hope you will enjoy. THQ feels that this will be its most unique and spectacular video game ever in the genre. Thus far my best day in production has me topping out at a little over 400 lines in just over two hours. It's like doing cardio.

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