-- Dixie Carter announced three more names for Hard Justice on her Twitter this morning, writing, "The following names have just been added to HardCORE Justice: Brother Runt, CW Anderson and The FBI."

-- Kurt Angle tweeted the following earlier today, comparing his movie Beyond the Mat to Cena's new movie, Legendary: "I heard that "Beyond the Mat" comes out in Jan. Legendary comes out next month. The difference is realism. Legendary is not true to real wrestling. Beyond the Mat, it has me, Ken Shamrock- all world class athletes who know how to succeed. This movie will blow away any w."

He later tweeted, "But I heard Cena did a great job in Legendary. Thanks for pushing the sport of amateur wrestling John. It's great for the sport."

-- The Honky Tonk Man's website is reporting that WWE will launch a new logo, their first in twelve years. We've mentioned this rumor before, and the "supposed" new logo looks like their pre-Attitude era logo, but without the "F." For the record, the logo is likely fake. You can check out the full article at Honky's website by clicking here, pics of the alleged logo are once again below:

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