As noted earlier, TNA star Kurt Angle posted a few messages on comparing his new movie Beyond the Mat to WWE star John Cena's Legendary. Both are about amateur wrestling, but Angle says Cena's movie lacks realism.

"I heard that "Beyond the Mat" comes out in Jan. Legendary comes out next month. The difference is realism. Legendary is not true to real wrestling. Beyond the Mat, it has me, Ken Shamrock- all world class athletes who know how to succeed."

His next comment got cut off, but said the "dark horse" movie would be the movie of 2011.

12-hours later, Angle followed up by complimenting Cena's work on Legendary and says Cena's movie is good for the sport:

"But I heard Cena did a great job in Legendary. Thanks for pushing the sport of amateur wrestling John. It's great for the sport."

Angle plays an amateur wrestling coach in Beyond the Mat, which will be in theaters February 2011.

Angle also said he's got two more movie projects this year. He's currently shooting Death From Above and will begin working on Madman Marz in a few months.

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