-- The latest Quinnipiac University poll saw Linda McMahon decrease the gap between her and Democrat Richard Blumenthal. Blumenthal's lead sits at only ten points at 50/40, down from 3 weeks ago where he led 54/37. Among independents, Linda actually leads Blumenthal 46/44, the first time she has lead in that category.

In the Republican primary, Linda leads both Rob Simmons and Peter Schiff by substantial margins as McMahon is at 47%, while Simmons sits at 30% and Schiff has 14%.

-- Tiffany is the "Daily Diva" over at WWE.com, you can check out her photo spread by clicking here.

-- WWE.com also has a feature on musicians whose music will be featured on NBC's "WrestleMania XXVI: The World Television Premiere." Artists include Kevin Rudolf, Placebo, Jem, Jen Titus, and Enya amongst others. You can check the spread by clicking here.

-- The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter is reporting that internal talks regarding Paul Heyman joining the company have quieted down considerably as of late. TNA officials do not believe that Heyman intends to sign with the company.

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