- Jim Ross said he still had desire to commentate during an interview with FanHouse.com

"You can't do it for so many years and not miss it but I understand the reasons I'm not on the road every week," he said. "I appreciate their concern for my health. As far as anyone thinking I've lost my desire to broadcast would not be accurate. With Oklahoma perhaps forming their own sports network, my dream job has always been to be the voice of the Oklahoma football and basketball teams. Whether or not that comes to fruition, it still remains to be seen, but I still have that goal."

- From TMZ:

The TMZ newsroom is about to get a serious Attitude Adjustment because WWE superstar John Cena has officially assumed command of "TMZ on TV."

and dude means business because last night at LAX, Cena got on the horn with our photog crew . and demanded they shoot some kick-ass footage saying, "No f**king excuses. You're on my watch now and if I don't have an excellent show tomorrow, you're all fired!"

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