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An opening video showing old photos of the 'Hardcore Originals,' with them talking about how they aren't pretty, but that they were a part of history. The promo ended and we're off!

Taz is introduced to the audience and he makes his way to the top of the ramp. Taz welcomes the crowd to the show and says that after talking to the guys in the back, it's going to be 'EXTREME' tonight. He says the passion from the guys in the back is going to bleed out, in more ways than one. An 'ECW' chant broke out. Taz said that there have been some doubters and haters on what they've done in the past, and that they were just about violence. Taz said those guys don't get it, and all they did was "revolutionize this business." He said the haters will never get it, and they might as well just kiss his a--. Taz finished his promo with his old 'Beat me if you can, survive if I let you' catchphrase.

The lights are dimmed tonight to give the iMPACT! Zone a bit of a different feel. The first match is now underway.

The FBI (Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke and Tracey Smothers with Sal E. Graziano) vs. Kid Kash, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger

Guido and Kash started off with a lot of mat-based wrestling. The fans applauded both men. Guido at one point extended his hand and Kash accepted, only for them to get in each other's face. Tony Luke (Mamaluke) and Swinger tag in and Luke goes for a quick small package, but only got a two count. Taz noted that they can't use a lot of the guys' old names for legal reasons, but you can figure out who they are.

Tracey Smothers and Diamond tagged in, with Smothers getting the better of Diamond. Diamond took the mic and said that Simon has a problem. The crowd chanted "Shut the f--- up," and Diamond challenged the crowd to make him shut up. Diamond said that they wren't doing well because of Kash, and said that they may not wrestle better than the other team, but they can dance better and that they were going to have an "extreme dance-off." Diamond and Swinger danced for a minute, and Smothers took the mic and said "Michael Jackson just rolled over in his grave with that performance." The FBI then went on to do their dance, with Big Sal finishing off the dance-off. Swinger and Diamond cleared the ring of the FBI sans Big Sal, and Sal nailed Swinger and Diamond with a big clothesline knocking everyone but Kash outside of the ring. Kash then did a flying dive onto everyone outside of the ring.

Match went back in the ring, and Kash and Luke went went at it for awhile before Luke tagged in Guido. Moments later all six men were in the ring and then went to the corner and did a tower suplex. A 'this is hardcore' change broke out. All six men were in the ring, and Kash nailed Luke with a double underhook suplex turned into a piledriver. Guido threw Kash out of the ring and nailed Diamond with an impaler to win the match for the FBI.

The FBI (Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke and Tracey Smothers with Sal E. Graziano) defeated Kid Kash, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger

Taz and Mike Tenay talked about Jerry Lynn couldn't make the PPV, and that Rob Van Dam will now face Sabu in the main event.

They did a "Where are the now?" piece on Todd Gordon, Pitbull # 1 and The Blue Meanie. Gordon noted that he was in the office where it all began. Pitbull apologized for not being there tonight, but said that he had a prior engagement but for everyone that is there to show why they are "hardcore." The Blue Meanie and Gordon went on to thank the fans, and Pitbull said that this isn't the last time that you see The Pitbull. Meanie said that without the fans, there wouldn't be any of them.

They then did a feature with AJ Styles talking about his memories of ECW. Styles talked about Tommy Dreamer getting caned by The Sandman and continually asking "Thank you sir, may I have another." Styles said that either Tommy was the dumbest guy he'd ever seen, or the toughest. Angelina Love said that she remembered that crowd reaction the most.

Al Snow cut a promo backstage with Head. Snow was going off how how they couldn't use all the ECW trademarks or that they will get sued. The BWO entered. The BWO (without the BWO logo) talked about how they will get a chance to show everyone just what they can do.

CW Anderson vs. Too Cold Scorpio

Scorpio got a good reaction from the crowd. Scorpio and Anderson locked up and they hit a couple of moves and counters. Scorpio offered Anderson his hand, but Anderson spit on it. Scorpio went back on offense with a nice dropkick that knocked Anderson out of the ring, and then nailed Anderson with a corkscrew from the ring to the outside.

Anderson got back in the ring and Scorpio nailed him with a cross body block and got a two count. Scorpio charged Anderson but was met with a superkick and got a two count. Anderson started stomping on Scorpio and threw him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Scorpio was temporarily able to gain the advantage with several shots, but Anderson regained the advantage with a big punch and got another two count.

Anderson and Scorpio went on to trade a bunch of near falls. Scorpio caught Anderson with a kick to the head and then followed up with a 450 splash from the second rope and got a two count. Scorpion then went for a moonsault, but was caught by knees to the gut and a spinebuster. Anderson went for a cover but only got two. A 'Scorpio' chant broke out. Anderson laid into Scorpio with right hands, but was met with a superkick from Scorpio. Scorpio then hit a modified moonsault where he landed into a leg drop and got the three count!

Too Cold Scorpio defeated CW Anderson via pinfall.

After the bout Scorpio offered his hand and Anderson accepted. Scorpio raised Anderson's hand and they celebrated.

A video promo aired of Madison Rayne talked about the similarities between TNA and ECW. Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson talked about the influence of ECW, but carefully calling it "that Philadelphia based promotion."

RVD and Bill Alfonso talked about being bummed out about Jerry Lynn not being able to make it. RVD said when he had to choose an opponent, he chose Sabu because he needed someone who could represent the legacy of ECW. RVD said that they will give the fans more than they expect. Alfonso said he would manage both of them equally and that both men can count on him.

P.J. Polaco (the former Justin Credible) vs. Stevie Richards (with Nova and the Blue Meanie)

The fans chanted "Justin Credible" during the ring introductions and the opening moments of the match. Richards knocked P.J. down with a tackle and celebrated. Both men then traded chops, and Richards threw Polaco crotch first into the corner in the steel post. PJ went out of the ring and Richards followed. PJ gained the advantage and suplexed Richards on the outside, then he went inside the ring and came crashing down on Richards outside the ring with a splash.

PJ got Richards back in the ring and started kicking away on Richards. PJ continued his assault and nailed Richards with a DDT to get a two count. Richards was able to turn the tables and regain the advantage. Richards nailed PJ with punches, kicks and a backbreaker and then followed up with a weak powerbomb to get a two count. Richards did a crotch shop from the second rope and came flying off, only to be met with a superkick from PJ.

PJ hit Richards with a spinning tombstone, but got off of Richards when Meanie climbed on the apron. Richards then nailed PJ with a superkick to get the pin.

Stevie Richards defeated P.J. Polaco by pinfall

After the match, PJ nailed Richards with a singapore cane and then started wailing away on him. The lights went out and The Sandman is in the ring when they came back on. The Sandman then nailed PJ with a hard cane shot across the head.

A video promo aired with Francine and her child. Francine thanked the fans and TNA, but said she's happy with her new profession of being a mom. She said that she's done with wrestling, but the fans will always be in her hearts.

Taz put over what a hard worker Francine was. They then aired thanked all the former ECW talents who are no longer with us.

Brother Runt vs. Al Snow vs. Rhino

Match opened with a stereo headlock, followed by Snow being knocked out of the ring. Rhino motioned for a gore, but his foot was caught by Snow outside of the ring. Snow hit a backbreaker on Runt, and Rhino came back in the ring and nailed Snow.

Rhino charged at Runt, but Runt sidestepped and Rhino went to the outside. Runt came off the top rope onto Snow and Rhino, but they caught him and tossed Runt up on the stage.

Back in the ring, Snow nailed Rhino with several headbutts to the chest and a moonsault off of the top rope, but only got a two count. Several members of the TNA roster were shown watching backstage. Rhino regained the advantage and suplexed Snow, and Runt got back in the match and nailed Snow with a double stomp from the top rope.

Runt was tossed outside of the ring again. The referee got knocked out and Snow nailed Rhino with head. Runt grabbed a chair and threw it at Snow and played dead. Snow then threw the chair to the mat and played dead himself. The ref came to and threw the chair out of the ring. Snow went to hit Runt with head, but Runt nailed Snow with his RKO to eliminate Snow. Rhino immediately nailed Runt with a gore and followed up with the pin to win the match.

Rhino defeated Al Snow and Brother Runt in a three way dance.

Video promo with Mick Foley, who was reading Hulk Hogan's autobiography. Foley talked about the feud between Raven and Tommy Dreamer and noted how the match could get out of hand, and that he's the perfect person to ref the match.

Another "I Remember" segment with Brutus Magnus and Sabin. Sabin talked about how the ECW performers inspired him to become a wrestler.

Axl Rotten and Kahoneys (the former Balls Mahoney) vs. Team 3D w/ Joel Gertner

The fans chanted "Ballz" when "Kahoneys" was introduced. Kahoneys took the mic and said that they were the most hardcore, extreme tag team in the history of the business and they don't have a match. They issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. Joel Gertner is heard saying "Well, well, well" and Team 3-D came out in their old school gear.

Gertner did his usual great promo. Gertner introduced Team 3D as the best tag team ever and the crowd chanted "Dudleyz." Bubba took the mic and asked Axl and Balls to get in the ring. Bubba said the fans don't want to see a 'wrestling match', and let's give fans what they want to see, a South Philadelphia street fight. Axl and Kahoneys quickly obliged and we are underway.

Bubba and Kahoneys took it to the outside while Devon and Axl battled in the ring. They traded places, with Bubba and Kahoneys in the center of the ring, and Taz accidentally called Kahoneys "Balls", only to be quickly corrected by Mike Tenay. All four men continued to brawl around the ring. They then went into the stands and battled through the crowd. They used tame weapons in the crowd, like beverages and Al Snow heads. Fans chanted "ECW." I smell a lawsuit coming TNA's way.

Both teams started brawling back to the ring with Team 3D getting the better of Axl and Kahoneys. They made it back to the ring and Bubba grabbed some weapons from under the ring. Kahoneys nailed Bubba with a series of punches, and was met with a frying pan from Bubba. Bubba then grabbed a cookie sheet, but Axl took it away and nailed Bubba over the head with it. Axl then turned his attention to Devon, and Kahoneys grabbed a toy light saber. Bubba grabbed one as well and they traded, well, I guess sword shots. As Kahoneys went for a series of punches, Bubba crotched Axl with the light saber and nailed him with an elbow. Axl got back in the ring and hit Bubba with an inverted DDT for a two count.

Devon hit Axl with a neckbreaker for a two count. Dueling "We want tables/We want fire" chants broke out. All four men grabbed chairs, and Axl and Kahoneys nailed Team 3D with weak chair shots for a two count. Axl and Kahoneys turned their attention to the ref, only for Team 3D to recover and nail Axl and Kahoneys with chair shots for another two count. "Whazzzup" on Kahoneys, and then Bubba asked Devon to get the tables. Devon brought a table in the ring and Gertner handed Bubba some lighter fluid. They lit the table on fire and powerbombed Axl through the flaming table to get the three count and the win.

Team 3D defeated Axl Rotten and Kahoneys via pinfall

After the match, Bubba took the mic and said that they were the greatest tag team in wrestling. The Gangstas music hit and Mustafa Saaed and New Jack came out with a bunch of weapons. They beatdown Team 3D with everything including the kitchen sink.

The Gangstas went through a whole slew of weapons including a kitchen sink, a hockey puck and of course, a guitar, which New Jack laid Gertner out with. After laying Gertner out, all four men stared at each other and then hugged. Axl and Balls got back in the ring and they all raised each others arms.

Video promo with Raven talking about his feud with Tommy Dreamer. Raven basically recapped his promo on iMPACT!, saying that Dreamer stole his girl and Raven plotted for nine years for his revenge.

Another "I Remember" video promo with Kazarian talking about how ECW influenced the X Division and the similarities between TNA and ECW.

Bubba sent a shout out to Joey Styles saying they missed him and that he should be there with him. RVD said Joey Styles was the best at what he did. Simon Diamond, Jerry Lynn, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman all sent shout outs to Joey Styles. Yes, they did a video package with all the top guys sending shout outs to someone who is in WWE. Did I mention that I smell a lawsuit coming?

Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven w/ Mick Foley as referee

Beulah was shown at ringside with her daughters witting with Dixie Carter. Raven went by her and whispered something to her. Tommy Dreamer then hit the ring.

Raven opened the match nailing Dreamer in the family jewels and taking the fight to Dreamer, beating up on Dreamer outside of the ring. Raven got Dreamer back in the ring, but Dreamer was able to turn the tides and started punching away. Dreamer continued his assault on Raven outside of the ring as Raven smiled. Dreamer spit soda in Raven's face and dragged Raven back into the ring. Dreamer setup a couple of chairs and went to suplex Raven through them, but Raven reversed and hit a drop toe-hold, driving Dreamer into the chairs.

Dreamer went outside the ring and Raven started nailing Dreamer with chair shots in front of Beulah and their girls. Raven continued to punch away at Dreamer, who was busted open. Raven threw Dreamer into the ringside steps, smashed him into face first into the steps and then threw him back in the ring.

Raven threw Dreamer into the ropes, but Dreamer was able to drop Raven on a chair with a drop toe hold of his own. Dreamer then grabbed a sign from ringside and nailed Raven upside the head with it, causing Raven to be split open. Dreamer then suplexed Raven on the sign, and then grabbed a ladder from under the ring. Dreamer started biting Raven and then catapulted Raven into a ladder that was setup in the corner. Dreamer then placed Raven on the top rope and setup a ladder on the second rope. Dreamer climbed on the ladder and went for a suplex, but Raven reversed the suplex and drove Dreamer through the ladder. Raven went for a DDT, but Tommy reversed it into a Dreamer Driver. Dreamer decided not to go for the pin and tied Raven up in the corner. He placed the sign in front of Raven's first and then did a flying dropkick into the sign.

Dreamer went under the ring and grabbed some barb wire. Raven applied a cross face with the barb wire. Raven looked like he was about to tap, but Nova and the Blue Meanie hit the ring. They attacked Mick Foley as Raven tapped. Meanie went to splash Dreamer from the top rope but missed and Dreamer took out Meanie and Nova.

Raven recovered and hit Dreamer with a DDT, but only got a two count. Raven pushed Mick Foley, and Foley started punching away on Raven and pulled out the sock. Foley tied in the mandible claw. "Raven's lackey" hit the ring and hit Dramer with a legdrop from the top rope. Foley wrapped his sock in barb wire and then locked in the mandible claw on Raven's lackey as the crowd chanted "Holy sh--". Foley fought the lackey to the back.

Back in the ring, Raven handcuffed Dreamer and hit Dreamer on the back with the chair. Before he could hit him again, Beulah came into the ring and begged Raven to stop. She hugged Raven, but Raven did it anyway. Raven went to hit Beulah with the chair, but Foley blocked him. Raven then hit Foley with the chair. Raven went to Beulah, who nailed him in the crotch. Dreamer then managed to hit Raven with a DDT while in handcuffs, but only got a two count.

Raven hit Raven in the leg with the chair and then DDT'd Dreamer on the chair to finally get the three count and win the match. Easily the best thing on the show so far, but that's not saying much.

Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer with Mick Foley as referee

After the match the fans gave Dreamer a standing ovation as he headed to the back with Beulah.

A promo for Thursday's iMPACT! aired.

Jeremy Borash was backstage with SoCal Val. The Gangstas came in and bullied Val. Mustafa chased Val off, and New Jack said he was going to make JB his "b--ch."

A piece on Paul Heyman aired with the various ECW talents putting him over. They showed pics of the different ECW guys, put never showed a pic of Heyman.

Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu

Bill Alfonso came out with RVD, then ran to the back and came in with Sabu (sans the hair) as well. The match was announced as a non-title match.

The crowd chanted "This is classic" at the onset of the match. Both men started of hot right from the start, as Sabu nailed the springboard splash to the outside of the ring early. Sabu dominated the opening moments of the match, and applied a camel clutch on RVD while using the chair. He then went to springboard off the chair onto RVD in a corner, but RVD kicked the chair and Sabu crashed to the mat. RVD then monkey flipped Sabu on the chair. RVD threw the chair at Sabu and got a two count.

Sabu regained the advantage springing off the ropes and hitting RVD with a clothesline. Sabu continued to stay on offense. Both men both tried to spring off the ropes, but tried it at the same time and they both crashed to the mat. Alfonso came in the ring and gave both Sabu and RVD a bottle of water. Saby and RVD then both grabbed tables from under the ring and started battling outside of the ring. RVD nailed Sabu with a kick and front suplexed Sabu on the guardrail and nailed Sabu with a corkscrew legdrop from the apron.

RVD positioned Sabu on a table right on the Edge of the ring and nailed Sabu with another corkscrew legdrop on Sabu. RVD went for a pin and got a two count. RVD sprung to the ropes, but Alfonso threw a chair to Sabu who threw it at RVD's head. Sabu nailed RVD with a hurricarana on the chair and then locked in another camel clutch. Sabu setup a chair in the center of the ring and went to spring off it, only to be planted face first into it. RVD then crotched Sabu on the top rope and asked Alfonso to place the chair in front of Sabu's head. Alfonso held it, and RVD climbed to the top rope and kicked the chair into Sabu's skull. RVD hit the split-legged moonsault and got a two count.

RVD grabbed a table and set it up, only to be nailed with a couple of chair shots from Sabu. Sabu went to throw RVD in the corner, but RVD reversed and kicked Sabu. RVD placed a chair on Sabu and hit rolling thunder and went for another pinfall attempt, but only got a two count. RVD took a chair and dropkicked it into Sabu in the corner and got another two count.

Both men continued to brawl and Sabu nailed RVD with a twisting DDT into a chair and got another two count. Sabu hit the Arabian face buster from the second rope, but only got two again. Sabu then put RVD on a table and came off with a chair, but RVD moved out of the way. RVD then nailed Sabu with a five-star frog splash from the top rope to win the match.

Rob Van Dam defeated Sabu via pinfall.

After the match RVD celebrated for awhile. RVD then went over to Sabu, who brushed him off initially. Sabu then went on to hug RVD and raise his hand. After RVD and Sabu celebrated for a bit, the rest of the locker room hit the ring. They celebrated in the ring, and Dixie Carter joined them in the ring with a beer. Tommy Dreamer took the mic and told Taz and Mike Tenay that there was a beer waiting for them. Dreamer thanked Dixie Carter, and Brother Ray picked her up and paraded her around the ring. Dreamer said that they set the bar and it's up to TNA to surpass it. Dreamer thanked Dixie again and said that it was one hell of a PPV and the show went off the air.

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