-- In my last post I forgot to add that in addition to Dawn Marie, Jim "Sinister Minister" Mitchell, referee Jim Molineaux, manager Jason Knight, and ring announcer Bob Artese not being contacted to appear at TNA HardCORE Justice, Big Vito Lograsso and Chris Hamrick were both never contacted to appear either.

-- TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam confirmed on his Twitter account that former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Sharmell (married to Booker T) gave birth to twins last Thursday. We reported this last week here on the website. RVD and Booker T are said to be very close these days.

-- Linda McMahon was profiled tonight on ABC's Nightline, with the former WWE CEO being interviewed by reporter Bill Weir. Nightline cameras had been following McMahon's campaign trail and the footage aired tonight ahead of tomorrow's Republican primary election. She discussed the high rate of premature pro wrestler deaths during the interview, which she attributes to "personal habits."

-- Former WWE Diva Mickie James was at one point Saturday the fourth most searched for term on Google.com. Her recent interview with Fanhouse.com was linked on the front page of AOL.com the very same day, which apparently sparked the surge in online searches pertaining to the former WWE Women's Champion.

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