Carlito Colon's Twitter feed ( has been a real hotbed of information over the past few days. Some highlights:

On WWE PG and the swimsuit contest: "I'm wondering as fans, were any of u disappointed when the divas came out in those granny suits? I get the whole going PG thing, but WTF? Since when is a bikini not PG? Oh, and BTW all u girls looked gr8 in the granny suits...just sayin! My point is, u wanna go PG fine. But that doesn't mean wrestling has 2 be lame and cookie cutter! Make it fun again! PG from a business standpoint is actually smart. Vince is not stupid! I'm just sayin that they go a lil overboard with it at times. Sure they might b losing fans, but by being PG the big corporations are less afraid of sponsoring them, and they bring in the big $! Plus, the kids are more likely to buy the toys and merch...and we all know, if mommy approves, its all good!"

On Vince McMahon being stupid to let him go: no, vince was right 2 let me go...and I was very happy 2 go!

On Lance Cade: Lance cade paced away, damn! He was a good dude! RIP! So sad! I hate 2 say it but I think it was from an overdose!...I apologize for speculating that it might have been an overdose. Lance had taken steps to better his life. People forget that u can also Have heart complications when u stop using. Anyway, Lance was a good dude and will be missed!

On SummerSlam: am I gonna watch summerslam, no...but I hope its a good show!

On his last couple of years: I appreciate all the love people! I can't believe I still have fans! Let's face it my character was pretty lame for the past couple of years. Thanks 4 sticking by me! It really broke my heart having 2 walk through that curtain knowing the crap I had 2 go out there and do! Lol, I'm not down on myself! I'm just calling it like I saw it. For the past 2 or 3 years Carlito was lame! hey, its totally my fault I got fired! When u walk around with an I don't give a f*? attitude, its bound to happen!

On who came up with the Hornswaggle hole-in-the-wall skit: "lol, that's was more of a punishment bc I had asked 2 quit at that point."

On Bryan Danielson's firing: "I can't really speak on that bc I don't know. It seems to me that something shady happened there. He seemed like a good kid 2 me"

On going back to WWE: "I'd go back anytime...but if they're not gonna use me right, I refuse to go back!"

On WWE pushing Sheamus over talented wrestlers: "I agree...but I have 2 disagree with u about sheamus. At 1st I wasn't 2 fond of him, but I believe he's stepped up his game!

On his future plans: "I don't know what my plans are yet. I'm gonna b doing different things, just want 2 have fun again! I'm in no hurry, Carlito saved his $!

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