-- The New York Post covered Lance Cade's death today. There was nothing new added to the story, but it is mainstream coverage of the passing.

-- A story on Beth Phoenix is available at www2.tbo.com It talks about her growing up a wrestling fan and the difficulties that arose from her broken jaw a couple of years ago.

-- A short piece on Chris Jericho's upcoming book "Undisputed" is available at winnipegfreepress.com It mentions the book will be released in February and that it will discuss Chris Benoit.

-- The Connecticut Mirror states that Linda McMahon has gained some ground on her Democrat opponent in the Senate race. Richard Blumenthal is now only ahead 47% to 40%.

-- A story on former WWF wrestler B. Brian Blair running for Congress in Florida is available at sunshinestatenews.com The article mentions his wrestling career and says he has less money to play with than the other candidates.

-- The autobiography that Brock Lesnar has been working on with Paul Heyman will be titled "Brock Lesnar - Undisputed." There are reportedly a few unofficial Lesnar books in the works as well.

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