Source: PWInsider

Lou D'Angeli (Sign Guy Dudley and Lou E. Dangerously in the original ECW) finished up with WWE at Summerslam. D'Angeli had worked for World Wrestling Entertainment in the marketing and live events end since 2006, and spent the Summerslam week saying goodbye to his fellow workers. Last month, D'Angeli accepted a job as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Cirque Du Soleil shows based out of Las Vegas. He finished out working on the AXXESS events for Summerslam weekend, which has been a main project for him. It is said that while D'Angeli loved working for WWE, that the job with Cirque Du Soleil was too good to pass up. He and his family will be moving to Las Vegas shortly.

Also noted is that TNA contacted him to work the HardCORE Justice PPV, which he could have worked since he is not under a talent contract. D'Angeli passed on the offer, out of respect for his position with WWE, and also because several WWE executives went out of their way for his family after the passing of his mother several weeks ago. D'Angeli has joked that he has never had the chance to work any of the ECW Reunion shows.

With D'Angeli leaving the company, Joey Styles is the only "ECW Original" employed by WWE.

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