-- The New York Post has a long article up on Linda McMahon today. The article states that McMahon has positioned herself as an outsider who is sick of politics as usual. The article covers her meeting Vince, their tough life at times, which included declaring bankruptcy, as well as noting that they have donated money to Democrats. Chris Benoit's father Michael Benoit and Chris Nowinski are both quoted in the piece. Michael Benoit states that WWE has the worse health care record in North America, while Nowinski says that the company paid $20,000 for his medical bills, but did noted that some employees are let go by the company.

-- The Boston Globe is running a profile on Linda McMahon today. They discuss the steroid scandals and performer deaths, but also compliment her on being media savvy and turning negatives into positives.

-- According to the Bojangles' Coliseum Facebook page, Reid and David Flair battle Tinebulas Jr. and El Oriental at the August 28th Lucha Libre USA tapings.

-- At last night's SummerSlam event, WWE started selling Nexus shirts. Also, the new shirt that John Cena wore was also on sale.

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