Linda McMahon has spoken out about the death of Lance Cade, saying that the WWE should not be blamed for it. The Connecticut Post reports that Linda said the WWE should no more be held accountable for the deaths of performers "than a studio could have prevented Heath Ledger's death."

"Who knows what causes people to have addictions and do what they do," McMahon added. She also went on to say that the press only want to talk about WWE, while people she meets want to discuss job creation and the economy.

Marla Romash, an advisor for Linda's Democrat opponent Richard Blumenthal, spoke about how Linda's WWE history should affect the Senate race. "Linda McMahon holds out her record in business as her main qualification for office so it's really important then for people in Connecticut to look at how she treated her workers and wrestlers and ask if she's really going to be there and stand up for them," Romash said.

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