Chris Nowinski recently spoke about the WWE work environment, steroid use and more. Here are the highlights…

On Steroid Use: "The WWE rewards the guys who use them."

On The Unsafe Work Environment: "They have an environment where it's absolutely unsafe to work in that ring. They have no oversight into what actually happens in the ring. And they are encouraging steroid use," he said, citing the enormous physiques of recent champions such as Triple H and Batista. "It's garbage that they're not using stuff," he said. "They absolutely know what's going on."

On Painkiller Use In WWE: "They're taking pain killers because they're working 200 nights a year and getting hit unlike anyone in the history of the wrestling business -- it wasn't like that in the '80s, it wasn't like that in the '70s" he said. "I used to go through tables for four days a week."

On Linda's Comments On Lance Cade: "That's complete garbage," he said. "Just kicking dirt on the guy's grave."

Here is the original interview that the previously posted comments by Christopher Nowinski came from…

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