The Honky Tonk Man sent out the following today, in response to Eric Bischoff's comments on the WWE youth movementů

"Eric Bischoff calls the WWE youth movement a flop!? My what a short memory you have Eric. In 2000 you and Vince Russo called anyone over 35 (with the exception of Hogan) a non draw as you killed WCW. Ouch!

My reply is simple, if no one is watching WWE, how in the hell do they draw 75,000 people to Mania and demolish TNA in the ratings each week. WWE must be doing something right!

You bash the internet wrestling community yet post comments directly aimed at them and the sites you obviously visit. Don't be a mark for yourself Eric!

If wrestling fans, reporters or anyone else want to talk TNA, WWE, ROH or any other wrestling show, it's their right to do so. It's called free speech.


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