Results from last night's ROH on HDNet TV tapings in Philadelphia. Report courtesy Joshua Higham and PWInsider:

*The cage was set up so we're starting with a TV main event of Austin Aries vs. Delirious. Austin attacked Daizee before he tried to get into the cage. Delirious began bleeding thru his mask. Delirious won with a cobra stretch on the top corner of the cage. All Night Express came out right before the end to try to interfere but couldn't get into the cage. After the match, The All Night Express and Aries attacked Delirious and hit him with a couple spike piledrivers. Sinclair was taken out as well. No one made the save.

*Mike Bennett defeated Adam Cole rolling thru a crossbody.

*The Embassy of Necro Butcher and Erich Stevens defeated Dark City Fight Club when Stevens pinned Chavis with Ghanarea.

*Jim Cornette came out for a promo with Tyler Black. Cornette asked Tyler about his future with his ROH contract about to expire, and Tyler said "you can't outbid a billionaire in CT" and heeled out with "What if I show up with this belt on another network?"

*Colt Cabana vs. Jay Freddie. Colt started playing around with Freddie and quickly locked in Billy Goat's Curse. Right after Freddie tapped, Corino tried to attack with the fork. Colt grabbed control of the fork and Corino quickly hightailed.

*The Kings of Wrestling defeats the Super Smash Bros. with a combo of Claudio's superplex and Hero's moonsault on Dos.

*Steve Corino vs. Aiden Chambers with running commentary from Steen at ringside. Steen was hysterical on commentary. Corino won with the sliding clothesline. Corino threatened to use the fork on Chambers. Cabana and Generico hit the ring and Corino and Steen hightailed.

*Daizee Haze defeated Rachel Summerlyn with a heart punch and German suplex. Summerlyn looks to have dropped some weight since I last saw her on Shimmer 28.

*In a TV main event, Roderick Strong and the House of Truth defeated Daniels and the Briscoes.

*In the mid-show match that gave the cameramen a break, the Bravado Brothers and Bobby Dempsey defeated Julian Starr, Mike Taven, and a third guy.

*In a Pick your Poison match, Colt and Generico announced that Kevin Steen's opponent would be Steve Corino. Steen punched out the ref immediately with Colt and Generico ringside. Steen and Corino refused to wrestle claiming they've been disrespected long enough and that they quit, then they walked out the front door.

*Tyler Black beat Mike Sydal with God's Last Gift and got trash thrown at him. Tyler got some You Sold Out chants.

*Before the Ten Minute Hunt, Cornette said that Hagadorn is turning Edwards into a joke so why not let him pick the next challenger? Cornette's pick is Kenny King. Eddie finally won with the Achilles hook. Both hit most of the big stuff.

*In the second Pick Your Poison match and main event for the evening, Davey Richards made El Generico tap to the ankle lock. Davey and Generico shook hands after.

Notes: The Arena video screens were advertising the upcoming TNA house show in September....The crowd got real quiet during the women's match, and they were definitely burnt out towards the end. Eerily quiet during the last three matches.

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