Jim Ross has posted a new blog to his website. Some highlights:

On Bobby Lashley: Bobby Lashley lost for the first time Saturday night by technical knockout in an ugly effort that exposed Bobby's lack of MMA technique specifically Lashley's ability to utilize submissions. Bobby did not look good, seemed to fatigue, and was too heavy/thick from this fan's observation. I still think that Lashley has a shot at a successful MMA career but he's got lots of work to do in a high level training center and to mentally commit 100% to his new vocation. He also needs to physically downsize.

Lashley was hospitalized over night in Houston Saturday but has apparently since been released.

If Bobby decides to have one more go at it and loses again, I would be surprised to see him remain in MMA. That's pure, individual speculation.

On Batista in Strikeforce: If Strikeforce now signs Bautista and Dave then would fight Bobby Lashley then the fight would be nothing more than merely an "attraction fight" and will obviously not be a highly skilled MMA contest between two, finely tuned and experienced MMA fighters. Notice that I did not say that the fight wouldn't garner a TV rating or create a buzz within the MMA community and in the TV world if promoted properly. I don't see it as a PPV fight but perhaps not a bad choice for CBS, if they are still in play.

BTW...Bautista has no deal at this time with Strikeforce and as I understand it Dave is still healing from injuries from his last WWE bout even though he has apparently began some MMA training. The one thing that is obvious when it comes to MMA training is that it makes all the difference in the world what camp one trains in as it relates to how successful most fighters can become. Camps are every where but it seems that only a handful of MMA training camps produce 'money ball players.'

On WWE's Far East tour: WWE had a successful, 90 minute show (that time was requested by local officials) in China that went well by all accounts. A WWE TV crew was in China to get footage of the trip and the first ever, WWE China event. Obviously this was a long, grueling trip for the travelers but everyone from what I understand really enjoyed the history making experience. One would assume that there will be some footage of this trip in upcoming WWE TV vehicles.

WWE rocked Sumo Hall in Tokyo this past week, too, Both events were well attended including the 2nd night which was essentially sold out. WWE sold well north of $1.1M in tickets for the two nights in the compact Sumo Hall. Internet reports from fans in attendance said that a Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne was off the charts in Tokyo.

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