Source: PWInsider

-- On tonight's episode of One the Record with Greta Van Sustern, which airs on the FOX News Network, Linda McMahon will appear.

-- WWE is planning to release children's biographies aimed at beginning readers. They will feature Rey Mysterio and Hornswoggle.

-- Multichannel News discusses the 900th episode of WWE Monday Night RAW at

-- Bret Hart has a new blog up, discussing holding his own at Summerslam and returning to Madison Square Garden, which he will on September 25th.

-- Here is the official synopsis for the Brock Lesnar - Making of a Hard-Core Legend, which was written by Joel Rippel. The book will be released on October 25th. This is not the previously announced autobiography that Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are working on together:

Brock Lesnar became the biggest name in international Mixed Martial Arts when he debuted in 2008, and not just because of his jaw-dropping 6'3", 265-pound physique. The 2000 NCAA wrestling champion has a body so sculpted that he resembles something more out of a cartoon than real life. But MMA fans all over the world know there is nothing artificial about the destructions he can wreak upon opponents. After becoming a national wrestling champion at the University of Minnesota, the mammoth-sized Lesnar was scooped up by World Wrestling Entertainment. For three years, Lesnar was one of the main figures in WWE, and in 2002 he became the youngest WWE champion ever at age 25. In 2004 Lesnar decided to leave behind the artificial competition of professional wrestling and return to more traditional sporting arenas. Lesnar was one of the last cuts of the Minnesota Vikings in 2004, and with few options left to him, he returned briefly to professional wrestling in Japan. However, that foray was short-lived and by 2006 Lesnar had begun his Mixed Martial Arts career. Longtime sports journalist Joel Rippel has covered Minnesota sports for more than 16 years. Rippel's biography of Lesnar covers every aspect of the athlete's life from growing up in South Dakota to wrestling in North Dakota and Minnesota as a collegian before reaching international celebrity status thanks to the WWE and his current tenure as the most dominant heavyweight fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Rippel has left no stone untruned in his research, interviewing former and current coaches, opponents, training partners, and friends of Lesnar's to reveal a multidimensional athlete whose career has been as unusual as his unique physical skills.

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