The press release sent out last week, claiming that Scott Hall was again dealing with pneumonia-related issues, looks to be false. While the release stated that Hall missed his Northeastern independent bookings due to another bout with Pneumonia, a statement from PWS stated that Hall was being sent to Texas for a "court mandated rehab" that was being paid for by the WWE. I reported weeks ago that I had heard the pneumonia story was complete BS and was being used as a cover-up.

TNA star Kevin Nash has confirmed that his friend Scott Hall is back in a substance abuse rehabilitation facility.

Nash wrote on

"Scott is under care in the WWE's wellness program. God bless Ann and Vince for taking care of my friend."

There had been some confusion lately as to whether Scott Hall had been hospitalized or was in rehab after statements were issued by independent wrestling promoters claiming both scenarios.

Much to its credit, WWE has an ongoing policy where it pays for drug treatment programs for any current or past superstar that asks for the help.

Best of luck to Scott Hall in getting himself together.

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