In an interview with The Hill, Chris Nowinski responded to WWE's response to his statements on Lance Cade. Some highlights:

On WWE's claim that he never spoke with Lance Cade: "They don't think I've ever met my 2003 tag team partner in the WWE developmental system who I worked with in Cincinnati and Louisville in 2002-2003 almost daily and saw regularly while working with WWE until 2007?"

On why he spoke out: "When someone would disrespect a deceased former employee, when she's seeking [a Senate seat], as a patriot you have to say something. You want to make sure good people are in those jobs."

On WWE's claim that nobody asked him to take steroids: "The point I was making was that they reward people who take steroids."

"I can never prove I had that conversation with Lance because Lance died when he was 29 years old. They want to call me a liar -- the person who can confirm it is dead after he worked for them for [almost a decade]."

On not telling WWE about his concussion history when he was hired: "[I] was unaware that I had a concussion history until the last one."

On WWE's claim that the average talent works 135 days a year: "Not every talent performs 200 days a year. I may have rounded up."

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