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-- According to a translated story, which you can read at, WWE's Ty Bailey (Johnny Ace's right-hand man) was in Russia at an M-1 MMA event last week, likely to scout talent.

-- TAKA Michinoku and Sho Funaki were visiting backstage while WWE was in Japan.

-- John Laurinaitis and Dean Malenko oversaw the international tour over the weekend. While there, they scouted talents in Japan. Funaki set up the tryouts.

-- In a recent interview on ESPN, Sheamus spoke about the inspiration for his character... "I'm just sick and tired of the typical Irish stereotypes. All you see are leprechauns and drunken Irish parties with green beer, but I wanted to bring a more positive look at the Irish. Back in the day, the Celts were some of the most feared warriors in the entire civilized world. People were afraid of the Celts, they were vicious warriors, so I wanted to bring that strong warrior to WWE and it has worked so far." He also joked that he has to give himself an extra half an hour when going through airport security due to people wanting to see the title.

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