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-- Terry Bey of PWI posted this recap: Here is a recap of Linda McMahon on Greta Van Sustren tonight.

During a segment on Greta Van Sustren called "Griff on the Ground," Linda McMahon is shown shaking hands with potential voters at the Milford Oyster Festival. She is shown playing a game and talking to the National Guard . A Blumenthal fan is interviewed. The Festival of Angels is next.

Again, she is seen talking to potential voters. The Bridgewater County Fair is next. She asked what she would do to get jobs created as there is almost 9% unemployment. She said that being a CEO, she realizes the impact of taxes and regulation on small businesses. She wants to keep money in the pocket of small businesses.

Linda was asked about the NY Times article talking about her being an unusual candidate in that WWE produced a lot of sex and violence. She says WWE is an absolute wonderful company and changed the industry over the past couple of decades and evolved from the sex and violence content to PG.

Video of Edge spearing Big Show and Edge taking on Miz is shown while Linda is talking. She talks about Smackdown Your Vote, being involved in the Make A Wish program, and the Special Olympics. A video of Triple H and Matt Hardy with Make A Wish kids is shown while she is talking.

Linda talked about Get Real helping libraries and literacy. She talked about how there were WWE fans who were supporting her. She said that a lot of them admire her for building a company from the ground up.

Linda was asked how she will overcome the 7 points that Richard Blumenthal (D) is ahead. She said she will keep talking to people. She said the more her opponents focus on WWE, the more she will move up in the polls.

-- Here are tonight's WWE NXT matches:

* Quiz Show: Kaval vs. Alex Riley vs. Michael McGillicutty
* MVP vs. Cody Rhodes

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