Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- The latest twist in the Nexus storyline is that the title match ban for the group's members has been lifted, as announced by RAW's General Manager last night. Wade Barrett will compete for the WWE Title in Night of Champions' Six Pack Challenge. Members of Nexus have actually been getting WWE Tag Team Title shots against The Hart Dynasty at WWE live events over the past few weeks.

-- It is believed that Nexus in its current form will cease come October.

-- Vince McMahon made the decision to rename the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship the WWE Tag Team Championship because he wanted new belts to be marketed. Another reason given for the change is that it's easier for talent to pass through airports with one set of belts than two. It is currently unknown if the belts will be considered a brand new championship or if they will carry the lineage of either one or both Tag Team Championships.

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