Since starting his own, legit Twitter account, Hulk Hogan has been answering a lot of fan questions. Some highlights:

On whether Hogan Knows Best will return: "Could be a new show about my new positive life with Jennifer,Tna ,business,real friends,starting over only real stuff no haters"

On heel Hogan coming back: "never say never."

On American Gladiators coming back: "no the show was to expensive to produce when u can do the same number with a cheap reality show"

On Halloween Havoc 99 where he laid down for Sting: "those were wack times. That was the old Russo and the old was all stupid"

On Steve Austin turning down his WrestleMania challenge a few years ago: "he always said if there was money to be made let's do it , I thought he was serious"

On bringing Steve Austin to TNA, because he is the biggest draw in wrestling history: "oh he is ?"

On whether he reported Jesse Ventura to Vince McMahon when Jesse was trying to form a union: "Vince already knew about it, I just said I didn't think it was a good idea. jesse a clown, at that's how the boys have though of him. he was running his mouth like usual trying to get everyone in board everyone knew"

On whether he'd be welcomed back to WWE: "all I can say is,if there's money to be made,Vince is all business"

On whose idea it was for the Mr. America character: "mine,but Vince was supposed to run with it.the hatred knew it would get over so they killed it.the first match in the garden"

On what he would do differently in life: - "get divorced instantlyafter Nick was born"

On the steroid situation in WWE in the 80s: - "horrible, that the kind of stuff most guys did before breakfast that's a shoot"

On whether Vince McMahon would send a main eventer to rehab: "Vince doesn't play games with anybody.he treats everyone the same way"

On whether anyone tried to shoot on him in the ring:"ya , couple guys.Billy Robinson and fuginami in japan"

On Bret Hart's return: "I love Brett because I know who he really is. Really glad to see him back"

On Hiro Matsuda breaking his ankle as Hogan was starting out: "30yrs ago that's how they got rid of marks in the fla territory"

On the rumour that he and Shawn Michaels fought over Shawn's overselling at SummerSlam: "Not true"

On Randy Orton: "he's got it figured out. There only very few who really get it"

On wrestling The Rock at WrestleMania: "it freaked me out when 75thousand booed him"

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