-- Bryan Danielson is still scheduled for the Northeast Wrestling show on October 1st in Waterbury, Connecticut which appears to be his last independent date. The show is advertising Mickie James vs. Awesome Kong, Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito, Tommy Dreamer wrestling and an appearance by George Steele.

-- ESPN has an interview with Ric Flair where he talks about favorite subjects, including why he's still wrestling. You can check that out at ESPN.com.

-- Fans may recall Carlito mysteriously disappearing from World Wrestling Entertainment airwaves for a few months late last year shortly after his tag team partnership with his brother had ceased. The former WWE Superstar explained today on Twitter that he was removed from television last fall because he was sent to a rehabilitation facility to be evaluated for drug addiction. He says he passed the center's various tests and it was determined that he was not a drug addict. He was then sent to a psychiatrist, which he felt was "a waste of time." Carlito remained off television until November because management felt he was "very angry" at work. "Ha, I was off tv in late 2009 because I was sent on a lil "sabatical," said Carlito, responding to fan asking about his disappearance last year. "And by "sabatical" I mean I was sent to a rehab facility for a few days to be evaluated. I passed, they said I wasn't an addict. Then I was sent to a psychiatrist...a waste of time! Then they kept me at home because they felt I was very angry at work! I was!"

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