-- FightLine has an article about Kimbo Slice quitting MMA for boxing. "This is a career move," Kimbo said. "I love fighting. I like to knock people the [expletive] out. I love engaging. Maybe some people think I'm crazy." It's a shame because I've always felt that Kimbo would be a great fit in pro wrestling. To read out the whole article, check out FightLine.com for all the latest MMA news by clicking here.

-- Shawn Michaels posted a picture of him and Michael Cole fishing in South Texas on his Twitter account, you can check it out by clicking here.

-- As noted yesterday, Jake "The Snake" Roberts announced his retirement from active wrestling Sunday night at an independent show in New York, ending a 35-year career. You can check out a video of his post-match speech below:

Thanks to Chris and Carl Dantes for contributing to this article.

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