-- We were sent word that while Jake Roberts announced his official retirement from pro wrestling last weekend at a 2CW event, he is booked for an upcoming Wrestle Birmingham event on November 19.

-- A "season finale" has already been announced for Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors on MTV2, meaning things aren't exactly going the greatest right now. There are plans for a second season where they will tape from a single location (like TNA), but also tour the country with smaller house show events. The company is holding an event tonight in Charlotte, NC (head-to-head with a Ring of Honor show). The next event listed is September 9 in Corpus Christi, TX.

-- Shawn Michaels has been tweeting about a fishing trip in Texas with Michael Cole, including numerous photos of the two together. The photos show Cole and Shawn on a fishing boat with several major fish that they caught. This is hilarious in more ways than one. You can check out the photos on his Twitter account by clicking here.

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