Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry at JRSBARBQ.com Here are the highlights…

On Working With Jerry Lawler: Teaming hundreds and hundreds of Monday nights with Jerry Lawler at the broadcast booth which have created lifetime memories. We were lucky that we were able to develop chemistry and allowed to be ourselves. Our team worked and we had a ball that I wouldn't trade for any thing I've ever experienced in broadcasting. I often wonder how many shows that the King and I actually broadcast on Monday nights. Someone somewhere likely has a number but suffice to say it was a bunch.

On DX: DX...which helped launch HHH, re-invent HBK and made stars of Billy Gunn, Road Dog, and Chyna. Every one came along at the right place at the right time with the right presentation for their persona's in a male friendly 18-34 demo. To me, this faction was as good as it gets and ranks in the same breath with the Horsemen.

On The Rock: The explosion of The Rock who Hollywood discovered and away the Great One went to become a major player on the silver screen. Rock's verbal skills and 'look' set him a part and captivated the imagination of film makers and fans the world over. The Rock was a once in a life time athlete/personality in the mat game....a natural entertainer.

On Flair And HBK's Goodbyes: The goodbyes....Ric Flair's emotional good bye on Raw was the culmination of the most auspicious 'retirement' of any pro wrestler in history. It was a legitimately emotional night that Monday in Orlando. My tears that night at ringside were as real as they get.

HBK's farewell...it touched me and moved me to tears again even though I was in a safe environment, my home in Norman. When Shawn mentioned me in his farewell address my eyes welled with tears. That was an amazing honor for me following WM26. (I've always thought that going to San Antonino to speak with Shawn about ending his 4 year or so hiatus was one of my best accomplishments in WWE.)

Be sure to check out the full blog at JRSBARBQ.com You all should definitely read these and his BBQ sauce is freakin' amazing.

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