Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- The third Viva La Lucha PPV will be titled Retribution. The show will debut on October 15th.

-- Next month a Wrestling War Classic PPV events will begin airing. The PPVs are made up of matches from the Savoldi family library, who have acquired numerous promotions and series footage over the years. The first events will feature specials on Terry Funk and Steve Austin.

-- Bobby Lashley is part of the cast for the film Beatdown, which has been released on Blu-Ray. The film is an MMA themed movie, starring several fighters, and features Rudy Youngblood as a street fighter who is involved in an underground cage fighting scene while looking to get those who murdered his brother.

-- Kip James is looking for bookings via Bill Behrens at [email protected]

-- Condolences to CZW founder John Zandig and his family. His 18-year-old son passed away yesterday.

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