-- FoxSports.com has an article on the most shocking and tragic deaths in sports. They list 39 sports-related deaths with Chris Benoit and Luna Vachon making the list. To check out the feature, click here.

-- Ric Flair was on the field for the South Carolina/Southern Miss football game yesterday. The announcers noted that he is long time friends with South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier. The announcer also made a comment about analyst Jesse Palmer no longer being the only person "stylin' and profilin" at the game that night.

-- On the post earlier this week regarding the fastest match in WWE history being The Rock pinning Big Bossman at Survivor Series 1998 in 4 seconds, WrestlingINC.com reader Duane Doogan sent the following: "I recall a match and have just looked it up to confirm, the fastest match I remember (and it can't be beaten) was two seconds when Spike Dudley pinned William Regal to capture the WWF European Championship in two seconds. The referee's back was turned, Dudley ran to the ring nailed Regal with brash knuckles and pinned him, the ref turned around and counted the three with the match bell sounding to kick off the match as the ref hit the mat for the one count, and two seconds passed the ref hit two, three and called for the bell again."

-- Reby Sky, who is a Playboy model and backstage interviewer/commentator on MTV2's Masked Warriors: Lucha Libre USA, is the WrestlingINC.com Girl Of The Month for September. You can check out the photo spread and our interview with her by clicking here. You can see one of the pics from the spread below:

Thanks to Howard Lubinger, Duane Doogan & Ammar for contributing to this article.

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