-- Canadian indy promotion WFX sent out a release on Friday claiming that Ring of Honor had used footage of Charlie Haas wrestling for WFX without its permission in order to promote the Kings of Wrestling-Haas and Benjamin match at Glory by Honor IX on September 11. Ring of Honor responded to the claim, saying that the video was made by a fan and posted to YouTube. It was not put together by ROH or HDNet and was never used by either to promote the match or the event.

-- Victoria has once again been removed from WWE.com's alumni section after she officially returned to TNA on Thursday.

-- TNA talent will be appearing on Family Feud. This is confirmed as Christy Hemme's husband has posted pictures from the show on his Facebook. The Knockouts team of Christy Hemme, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Lacey Von Erich and Tara will face a team of wrestlers including Mr. Anderson, Matt Morgan, Mick Foley and RVD.

-- Shelton Benjamin was asked on Twitter for his advice on getting into wrestling. He said that hopefuls should "study politics as well, trust me it''ll come in handy." Ouch!

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