-- I see many people getting all worked up on the comments section regarding the earlier TNA posts about SOME talents being frustrated. SOME of you 'know-it-all' fans need to remember that the TNA locker-room has over 50 talents and those comments are the opinions of one or two talents, NOT the entire roster. So just because we report that a select group of people are upset doesn't mean the entire TNA roster agrees with their opinions. Most of you are pretty good about realizing that but there is always going to be that select group of 10 year olds and idiots. You know who they are!

-- Here is TNA's official statement on the change to tonight's TNA No Surrender PPV event: Important Update: Due to a personal issue, London Brawling (Wolfe & Magnus) will not be at tonight's No Surrender PPV. However, based on their strong showing in a recent non-title match on iMPACT!, Generation Me will now get a shot at the gold against the Machineguns tonight on PPV!

-- The double DQ finish in the match between Max and Jeremy Buck at PWG's Battle of Los Angeles last night was obviously done to allow 'Generation Me' (AKA The Young Bucks) to work the TNA PPV tonight.

-- An interview with Kofi Kingston, discussing his current feud with Dolph Ziggler and how he is "knocking on the door" of the main event, is available at carrollcountytimes.com

-- Michael Chavez sent the following: I have all three Burger King toys and just to update you on 'Taker, the insert on all the toys says it plays the Superstar's voice or theme. The Undertaker plays his theme, because for being PG, WWE doesn't want it saying "Rest In Peace" or something like that. John Cena says "You Can't See Me" and Triple H says "I Am The Game."

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