TNA No Surrender Opener:

We get a video of the four men who are going to compete in the semi-finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Anderson, Pope, Hardy, and Angle.

- We get a standard video package to open the show, this also highlights the Tournament matches taking place tonight.

- The pyro hits. and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the PPV proper. The TNA World Tag Team Championship match will open the show, and as reported previously here on the site, Generation Me will be replacing London Brawling. Their music hits and Gen Me make their way to the ring.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Generation Me

The bell rings, and Jeremy and Shelley will be starting things out. Shelley takes Jeremy right down, but it's not for long as both men begin a bit of chain wrestling. Shelley ends up getting the better of Buck several times, even scoring a near fall off of a quick roll up. More chain wrestling and a quick tag to Max Buck who comes in and trades holds with Shelley. Shelley's technical prowess proves to be too much as he's able to subdue Buck and tag in Sabin. Sabin comes in and trades holds, and dropkicks with Max, before both men go nose to nose.

Max tags out quickly, and Jeremy comes in, Shelley also tagging in. Jeremy is able to get the upper hand on Shelley, and a quick tag, and a moonsault to Shelley's arm, followed by another tag and a double stomp to Shelley's arm from Jeremy. Jeremy continues to focus on Shelley's arm, but he's fooled by a blind tag, and the Guns are able to double team Buck with a chancery/dropkick combo. Sabin scores a two count, then tags in Shelley. Shelley takes Jeremey right down to the mat and locks in a crazy inverted crab, lifting Buck entirely off the mat. The hold stays locked in until Max breaks it up. Shelley tags out, and Jeremy is able to make a quick to to Max, who comes in as a house of fire and is able to take out both Guns, scoring a near fall on Sabin.

Shelley makes the tag unbeknownst to Gen Me, and he hits a beautiful single leg dropkick to Max, taking him down for a two count. This match is moving so fast. Enzugiri to Max and Shelley tries to climb the ropes, only to be cut off by Jeremy, and hit with a neckbreaker on the apron. Jeremy sends Shelley back into the ring and Max tries repeatedly for a quick cover. Max tags out and Jeremy comes in and tries for a suplex, but Shelley blocks it. Shelley is able to fight out of it, but he goes right down and sells his neck. Max tags in and we get a double dropkick from Gen Me that's good for a near fall.

Max hits a big dropkick and tags out to Jeremy, who tries to score a quick pin, but only gets two. Jeremy locks in a full nelson on Shelley, but Shelley is quick to fight out of it. Shelley goes to the ropes and goes right back down. Double team work from Gen Me is avoided by Shelley, who is able to make the hot tag to Sabin. Sabin comes in as a house of fire and takes Jeremy out of the ring before working over Max with a beautiful springboard tonado DDT. Sabin goes for the pin but it's broken up by Jeremy. Things break down quickly and everyone is involved. Shelley and Jeremy are on the floor and Max and Sabin trade blows in the ring.

Max is able to back Sabin into the corner and Gen Me hit a crazy assisted sliced bread, but Shelley breaks up the pin. Gen Me won't have any of it as they take Shelley out of the way and go for More Bang for your Buck on Sabin but it doesn't work out. Insane combination of superkicks, and The Guns hit a neckbreaker/crossbody combo on Jeremy to put Gen Me down for the count.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns

After the bell, Generation Me attack the Guns, sending Sabin out of the ring, and focusing on Shelley. Gen Me drag Shelley to the side of the apron where the hit a ridiculous double ddt to the floor. The ref is immediately there and holds up the X, but it looks like a work. Sabin comes in and brawls with Gen Me as an EMT runs down and Gen Me scamper up the ramp, laughing the whole way.

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