Christy Hemme is backstage with Pope. Pope says he'll give Hemme some advice, bet on Pope. He says that Anderson is an A-hole, and a smelly one at that. Pope says that Anderson has been trying to pull the wool over his congregation and he's not happy with that. Pope says when the ref counts, DDE, Pope will be Bound for Glory, and he's spoken.

Semi-Finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Mr. Anderson vs. D'Angelo Dinero

The bell rings and we're ready to begin the main event of the evening. Both men lock up and end up in the ropes, forcing a break that's not necessarily clean. Another lock up, and we get a similar result. Another lock up, and this one ends up not amounting to anything. Anderson goes behind Pope and they trade holds wrestling on the mat for a bit. Pope locks in a front face lock, but Anderson reverses into a hammerlock. Pope fights out of it quickly, and things break down with both men just trading blows, and Anderson stomping Pope down in the corner.

Anderson traps Pope in the corner with a series of right hands, but Pope comes right back with a single arm DDT. Pope locks in a hammer lock, then drops Anderson right down with a belly to back suplex. Pope drops a knee on Anderson's face, and goes to work on Anderson's arm, slamming his wrist down into the mat. Pope kicks at Anderson's shoulder before picking him up and executing a hammerlock slam.

Pope locks in a keylock, but Anderson fights up to his feet and out of it with some big clubbing rights, and a series of clotheslines and a back elbow. Anderson picks Pope up to his feet, and when Pope goes for a diving shoulderblock, Anderson simply ducks and Pope crashes and burns. Anderson uses this to his advantage, pounding on Pope before stomping away at his stomach.

Anderson locks in a hammerlock and sends Pope shoulder first into the corner, which is good for a two count. Anderson chokes Pope against the middle rope, but Pope begins fighting back. Pope ends up running right into a big boot from Anderson however, and it's good for a two count. Anderson locks in a keylock of his own, wrenching Pope's elbow. Pope fights out of it and up to his feet, but Anderson catches him with a knee to the gut.

Anderson connects with a hammerlock belly to back suplex, continuing to work over Pope's arm. Anderson props Pope in the corner and hits him with a couple of right hands. Anderson tries to send Pope into the ring ropes, but it's reversed, and both men go for the clothesline at once. Anderson is up first, but Pope is quick to fight back with a big series of blows. Inverted atomic drop and flying shoulder block from Pope take Anderson to the mat. Pope hangs Angerson up on the middle rope, jumping down across his neck.

Pope goes to the top rope, but Anderson is there to stop him and crotch him on the top rope. Anderson goes for a superplex, but Pope is able to fight it off. Anderson fights right back, so he goes for a top rope superplex instead. Pope fights it off again, and Anderson ends up crotched on the top rope and he falls to the outside. Pope dives to the outside on top of Anderson.

Pope rolls Anderson back into the ring and goes for the pin, but he's only able to get two. Pope tries for the DDE, but it's countered. Anderson tries for the mic check, but it's countered too. Anderson is able to connect with the standing Green Bay plunge, and that's good for a two count. Anderson picks Pope up, and Pope catches Anderson with 4-Up, and a codebreaker, but Anderson kicks out at two. Pope stomps away at Anderson. Anderson connects with the mic check, but it's still only good for two.

Pope hits Anderson with unrelenting combinations before trying for the DDE, but Anderson avoids it. Anderson connects with the mic check, and he pins Pope, and this one is over.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Anderson celebrates in the ring. Anderson grabs the mic and announces himself the winner of the match. He does his usual mic stuff. The show ends. Blah.

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